Houston Theater District

Houston, Texas hasn't only attracted bucking broncos, lassos and spittoons, but the higher culture of the theater. The Houston Theatre District is a well-kept secret to most, but Houston has a sense for the higher arts. And that fact is becoming well known. The Theatre District Houston is an ideal place to watch romance, comedy, tragedy, dance and opera. Texas is not all just "hootin" and "hollerin". Yes you can do that after the show. But there is a gentler side to the mix, and this makes more encompassing. The talent looms in the creative backdrop of Houston.

The theatre district got its start in 1977. The Cultural Arts Council decided with the help of civic-minded people and business leaders to create a downtown that is consistent with the cultural arts. The idea sprang from the notion that the community's quality of life depended on 2 factors: business and the arts. They were right. Houston is the fourth largest city in the country, and the theatre district is a popular tourist destination.

The Houston Theatre District is ranked second in the nation for the number of seats in a downtown area. But that doesn't mean you can wait to the last minute for a seat. The district is popular. It is world-class in performing arts, and along side the theaters are restaurants movie theaters and plazas. You can go out at night, or you can go out at night in the Theatre District Houston. It will never be the same.

There are many different theaters to visit in the Houston Theatre District. Take a Houston tour through the many theaters. The weather is warm, but cool at night. It makes it great place to dress to impress for a night of fine dining and formal dress. Many places will serve dinner with the added pleasure of watching the theater. It is a test of you sense, and they are sure you will falter. The theaters you should be familiar with are the Alley Theater, the Edward Albee Place, Country Playhouse Theater, Jones Hall and the Masquerade Theater. Many present award winning shows, and all have outstanding amenities and architectural taste.

While on this Houston tour through the theater district keep your eye out for 17. It is critically acclaimed restaurant that serves American food and offers an abundances of domestic wines as well as international. 17 is one place you can take in a play with dinner. Also they offer overnight accommodations in a luxurious room. The romance will linger in the air as the night runs fleeting into day, as graceful and seamless as one can hope.

The Theatre District Houston is no stranger to hotels in around the area, so if you can't stay at the theater, it will only be a few blocks away. During the daytime you can spend your time shopping, and studying the lines of architecture on the buildings.

Houston has an elegant combination of activities and events for all tourists to experience. Take the Houston tour through the busting metropolis, but there is a gentler side if the car horns aren't for you. The Houston Theater District is ideal for something interesting in the fine arts, ballet, music or the theater.

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