Houston Tours

Houston tours are one of the best approaches to sightseeing. From a Houston Ship Channel tour to a museum tour and neighborhood tour, an organized excursion offers plenty of benefits. Whether a self-guided tour is the final choice or an organized tour is more appealing, they are both excellent ways to take a deeper look at the many faces of Houston and visit the best attractions.

Some tours, such as walking tours of downtown Houston, are entirely possible to execute independently, with no one but a map to lead the way. This can be a great way to enjoy shopping and dining as well as stumble upon many unique attractions you might not see from a car or bus. Houston bike tours are another great way to take a self-guided trek, but they are not as advisable a way as walking is to tour city streets. Bike tours are, however, a wonderful way to explore Houston’s surprisingly large network of parks and other green spaces.

An organized tour is the only way to explore the nearby historic waterway and enjoy a wealth of information about Houston’s history. Houston tours aboard a pontoon boat navigate the bayou, narrate the history of the bayou, and reveal attractions not visible from the shores. These Houston tours also include the option to head to the Waugh bridge at sunset to see the incredible bat colonies that fly out at night.

From one boat to another, a free Houston Ship Channel tour is the only way to traverse the busy channel waters of Houston’s for ninety minutes, getting a look at the huge barges and cargo ships arriving and departing to and from national and international destinations. Via the newly environmentally refurbished Sam Houston, get a detailed look at operations at the Turning Basin Terminal, one of the port’s busiest facilities. During the Houston Ship Channel tour, enjoy modern facilities such as air conditioning, a large rear deck, and a covered lounge area.

One way to enjoy walking tours of downtown Houston without going it alone is to take advantage of a special local group called the Houston Greeters. These knowledgeable volunteers offer a look at the city through a locals eyes by hosting visitors for a visit spanning up to four hours. This is a fantastic way to explore downtown Houston, get the inside scoop on top downtown events, learn the best time’s to visit attractions like the Children’s Museum, and find out about city history and culture. Walking tours of downtown Houston can also be arranged via private companies leading tours through the city core exploring Downtown Tunnel System, the Museum District, architecture, and more.

Houston tours can also be arranged through the Heritage Society which is situated on nineteen-acres of beautiful green space in downtown Houston. Get an up-close look at eight celebrated buildings spanning the 1800s to the mid- 1900s. Or enjoy popular audio walking tours, tours of nearby cities such as Baytown, Conroe, and Galveston. All these choices in tours make it easy to make your way through Houston without missing a beat and return home feeling like you’ve captured the essence of this beautiful Southern destination.

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