Royal Caribbean

Royal Caribbean cruises from Galveston leave from the same area as the also popular Princess Cruise line and Carnival Cruise line. The Royal Caribbean cruise line is one of the oldest luxury cruise lines in the world, and travels to various locations throughout the Caribbean and beyond. Although many travelers think that the name Royal Caribbean denotes a cruise line heading only to the Caribbean, they actually travel to Mexico and other ports as well.

Royal Caribbean Cruises from Galveston
Royal Caribbean Cruises from Galveston

There are plenty of options to choose from when deciding on the right Royal Caribbean cruises from Galveston for your vacation. Royal Caribbean cruises from Galveston head to many ports, including Jamaica, Ocho Rios, Georgetown, the Cayman Islands, Cozumel, and other locations throughout Mexico, Key West and the Western Caribbean. There are also Royal Caribbean cruises sailing between November and April heading for Costa Maya and Cozumel. In the spring, cruises to Italy and Spain are also available. Cruises to Europe tend to be at least 15 nights, if not more.

To find the best Galveston last minute cruise deals, attempt to book your cruise vacation right before you leave by searching online. Booking a last minute cruise is an excellent way to take advantage of extra space on a cruise ship for a lower price. This option will, of course, require that your travel plans remain flexible. If your travel plans are flexible, you can also look into planning Galveston last minute cruise deals by traveling during the off season. By avoiding the holidays season, you can sometimes find a cheaper deal during the off season. Galveston last minute cruise deals are available online, in general, for travelers with the most flexible vacation options.

The city of Galveston has parking for both short and long term cruisers who want to leave their car. There are also options for visitors who want to use a park-and-ride service. If you plan to take a taxi to the Galveston terminal, be sure to leave plenty of time. Whenever the Princess, Carnival or Royal Caribbean ships are in town, the wait for taxi cabs can be quite long.

To save both time and money, be aware of the newest regulations regarding cruise travel between countries. If you will be leaving the United States and entering another country while cruising, you will soon need to present your own passport, as will all children and newborns. This law is a change from past laws, which only required birth certificate and photo identification.

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