San Antonio Restaurants

San Antonio restaurants serve all kinds of cuisine. Some specialize in spicy Tex-Mex, as you might expect, while others feature chef-inspired nouvelle cuisine or food the whole family will love. While you're enjoying San Antonio dining or out shopping, you should take the chance to try pan de dulce. This is a San Antonio favorite, which has its roots in Mexican and French cuisine. These sweet little breads—a kind of edible folk art—are made from recipes passed down from generation to generation. Some are served as cookies or in loaves, while others are more like empanadas, dumpling style. Besides appearing on the menu of the best restaurants in San Antonio, you'll find this local specialty at bakeries and grocery stores throughout town.

Many San Antonio restaurants also serve another local specialty—tamales. These treats, wrapped in corn husks and stuffed with tasty goodness, are served in fancy restaurants and little local cafes alike. Some are served as the centerpiece of the meal, stuffed with pinto beans or savory meats, and others are more worthy of dessert, featuring coconut, raisins, or locally grown pecans. Some of the San Antonio restaurants and shops will ship these Texas favorites to your home, so you can get a taste of central Texas long after your vacations have ended.

Local specialties, especially local produce, figure prominently into the menus of the best restaurants in San Antonio. The fertile land of the Texas Hill Country is suited for growing fruit, especially Ruby Red grapefruit and apples, while the local ranches supply beef and even wild game. The same chefs who craft one-of-a-kind menus host cooking schools at the Central Market and other places throughout town where you can learn how to bring San Antonio dining scene to your own kitchen.

Every day of the year, Riverwalk dining in San Antonio is a reason to celebrate. This entertainment and shopping district along the side of the river is home to an array of interesting restaurants, iconic scenery (including the Alamo), and some one-of-a-kind shops. The restaurants have a charm all their own, offering experiences you won't find at the same old restaurants that could be located just anywhere. For unique Riverwalk dining in San Antonio, you could step aboard one of the cruises for a catered dinner or brunch. You'll have the chance to enjoy the scenery and a memorable meal all at the same time.

Several times a year, you'll have the chance to experience the local dining scene with one of the special food-themed events. In August, Restaurant Week encourages people to visit the best restaurants in San Antonio and sample the cuisine. For a fixed price, you'll have the chance to sample meals at any of a number of restaurants, which specialize in cuisines from around the globe. This is a great time to experience Riverwalk dining in San Antonio. Earlier in the year, in May to be exact, wine experts, gourmands, and anyone with an adventurous palate gather in the Texas Hill Country for the New World Wine & Food Festival.

No matter the answer to the question of when to go, you can rest assured you're find excellent dining choices throughout the city. You don't have to spend a fortune to enjoy the best the city has to offer; many good meals can be enjoyed for a small price. If you're looking for luxury, you'll find resorts and independent restaurants that offer fine food, good wine, and top-flight service.

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