Majestic Theater San Antonio

Majestic Theater San Antonio is one of the best attractions in all of Texas for those who enjoy the performing arts, or a bit of history. Many big name acts are on the Majestic Theater schedule every year, and the sheer magnificence of the building's interior is reason enough to attend an event. A theater with a lot of atmosphere, the Majestic Theater San Antonio has been inspired by a few different architectural styles, the result of which is a beautiful and almost fantastical interior décor. Ornamentation abounds, and should you look up towards the ceiling, you'll see a recreated sky that is complete with stars and moving clouds. It's truly a magnificent theater that is deserving of its name.

The Majestic Theater San Antonio has actually been recognized on more than one occasion as being one of the most ornate facilities in the United States. You can find this historic theater in the heart of the city at 224 E. Houston Street, and it's especially easy to recognize thanks to the big marquee sign. As for Majestic Theater San Antonio history, the grand venue was built in 1929 under the direction of architect John Eberson. Only the Fox Theater in Atlanta was larger at the time, and it's also worth noting that the Majestic was the first theater in its home state to feature air conditioning. Following along with Majestic Theater San Antonio history, it is worth noting that the opening day saw the musical film Follies of 1929 being screened. Live performances of the musical and acrobatic variety were also offered on the opening day, and subsequent to that, the theater strove to offer new films and performers on a weekly basis.

As you might imagine, vaudeville performances figured prominently on the Majestic Theater schedule in the early days. Such personalities as Jack Benny, Mickey Rooney, and Bob Hope have graced the venue's stage. When vaudeville performances weren't going on at the theater, movies were shown. Majestic Theater San Antonio history sees changing entertainment habits having an adverse effect on business in the 1960s and early 70s. In 1974, the theater closed. The closing was deemed to be permanent, though it didn't take long for some to envision a new beginning for the venue. One year after its "permanent" closing, the Majestic Theater San Antonio was listed on the National Register of Historical Places, and it soon took to hosting a variety of performing arts events.

The 2,311-seat Majestic Theater underwent a major restoration process in the 80s and re-opened at the end of the decade as the home of the city's symphony. Thanks to the renovations, the Majestic Theater schedule now features Broadway touring acts and mega-musicals with regularity. The city now owns the wonderful edifice, and it continues to be the home of the San Antonio Symphony.

Unless you get your tickets in advance, it is possible to purchase them at the Box Office. This ticket office can be found at 226 E. Houston Street and sells tickets for events that are held at both the Majestic Theater and the Charline McCombs Empire Theater. The latter is a smaller venue that is also grand, and you might be interested to know that its was opened way back in 1879. If you enjoy the performing arts, checking the schedules for both venues while planning a San Antonio vacation can be a good idea. Plenty of good restaurants and hotels can be found near both of these downtown theaters, which only increases the attractiveness of coming to the Alamo City to see a show.

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