Spanish Missions in Texas

Spanish Missions in Texas play a significant and interesting role in Texas history. The first European settlers started the first cities in Texas at these missions, and now Texas is what it is today. It is pretty remarkable to think about how far we have come. But it is important to look at where we started.

San Antonio Missions Park is already carved out of the land by the colonization system for Spain. They began during the 17th century. The mission trails park includes San Jose, San Juan, Espada, Concepcion and perhaps the most widely known—the Alamo. The San Antonio Missions Park includes 819 acres of land

The Alamo was over 100 years old when the famous battle took place. It was the way station between missions in Texas and even in Mexico. Now it is the most famous building in Texas. Soon after the building of the Alamo, a second mission was built named San Jose. This mission was a major social and cultural center. While you are on the Spanish Missions in Texas you can soak up the history and knowledge that they possess. When you get home you can show off your newly acquired knowledge. The San Jose missions were the strongest missions versus rains from Indians. Further down the San Antonio Missions Park is San Juan. At this mission trails park was a regional supplier of agricultural and other products such as iron, wood, cloth and leather goods. Perhaps you'll have a bite to eat and take home a souvenir. Afterward you can walk further down to the Concepcion. And this is the most attractive of the San Antonio Missions Park. It was known for its spiritual religious celebrations. The architectural design is divine. Take a few pictures and find some inspiration in the past artistic work. Just before the Spanish Missions in Texas are over you will pass the Espada. It is located on the San Antonio River. You will know when you are here when you fall in love with the chapel in the middle of the mission. It was originally named San Francisco.

The mission trails park is very uplifting. It is fascinating to walk the tracks of history the Spanish walked hundreds of years ago. You can see the architecture in the minds of the builders and the way they constructed their society. And at the end of the day you can compare that to our own. Once you return to San Antonio you will be that much more respectful of our lives today.

Walk the trail of Texas History. You will transcend from the conquistadors of Spain to the conquering of Mexico to the unionization by the United States. It is quite a trip. On your way back to San Antonio pick up some souvenirs and postcards in order to share your adventures with your loves ones waiting for you at home. It is an important part of Texas history and a walk you'll never forget.

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