San Antonio Raceway

San Antonio Raceway is an attraction that racing enthusiasts won't want to miss. Found east of the downtown area and easily reachable via Interstate 10, this raceway specializes in drag racing events. The track is a straight track that is a quarter of a mile long, and you can bet that the races are thrilling. When dragsters aren't taking to the track to see who can cross the finish line the fastest, motorcycles often take center stage. Also worth noting is the fact that virtually any and all racers are allowed to compete in some of the San Antonio Raceway events. As long as you have the proper vehicle and a need for speed, you're pretty much good to go.

The San Antonio Raceway drag races are high-energy, high-speed affairs that often have fans on their feet. In 2009, the raceway joined the NHRA (National Hot Rod Association) member track network, much to the satisfaction of San Antonio area racers. This means that they can compete in a number of different categories with other racers from the around the state and country in hopes of securing the coveted Wally trophies. In addition to quarter-mile races, the San Antonio Raceway events also include eighth-mile races, with the NHRA South Central Division Summit Racing Series showcasing some of the best racers in the land. This summer racing series culminates with a finals event that are held in Dallas.

Many of the San Antonio Raceway drag races are bracket races. For those who might not know, bracket races essentially allow different kinds of cars compete against one another. A handicap of sorts is used to even things out, and if drivers underestimate their vehicles, they can be disqualified. Some of the most exciting San Antonio Raceway events are the Car Club events, as they allow local racers with street legal cars to compete on the track. While these events are usually held on weekdays, the pro series races often take center stage on the weekends. Motorcycle enthusiasts aren't left out of the picture when it comes to the San Antonio Raceway drag races. Motorcycle shootouts that feature high-speed bikes are offered on a consistent basis.

If you want to watch street cars, trucks, and motorcycles competing side by side, there are San Antonio Raceway events for that as well. The best of these events are the Midnight Madness affairs. Held on a monthly basis during the racing season, the Midnight Madness events are basically large street-legal drag races that feature more than 100 motorcycle, truck, and street car racers. Regardless of which race or event you are interested in attending, you can watch the action from the aluminum bleachers. These trackside bleachers can accommodate up to 13,000 people, and while the dining options are limited, there is a concession stand that sells burgers and other fare. Visitors to the raceway can also do some shopping at the souvenir trailer if they please.

Should you be hoping to venture out to the San Antonio Raceway to enjoy one of the numerous events, all you have to do is hop on Interstate 10 and head east towards Seguin. As you approach the area near the town of Marion, you'll see signs telling you where to exit. The address is 3641 S. Santa Clara Road in Marion. Since there aren't a lot of hotels in the immediate area, you might stick to the San Antonio hotels if you're hoping to catch one of the San Antonio Raceway events. The drive out to the track from the city doesn't take very long. There are also a few hotels in Seguin if you want to add to your lodging options.

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