San Fernando Cathedral

The San Fernando Cathedral is a great attraction to visit in San Antonio, and one with a lot of historical significance. Texas has a profound influence from Mexico being so closely connected. Even with the Rio Grande separating the two countries, many types of foods, drinks and culture has trickled over including Catholicism. It is for our benefit though, because the beautiful San Fernando Cathedral was born. There are many things to do in San Antonio TX, but leaving time for worship is important. San Antonio churches are numerous, but this one is one you should pay homage to,

The San Fernando Cathedral was founded in 1731 when King Phillip V of Spain invited fifteen families from the Canary Islands. They were sent there to establish a permanent settlement to prevent a possible invasion from the French. During the War of Mexican Independence many of the fallen soldiers were buried here. Even the soldiers from the battle of the Alamo were buried here. James Bowie one of the famous fighters was married here shortly before the Alamo battle. He was later buried there. It became a center of life in San Antonio. But it has become more than that now. It is a center for unity and harmony for all people throughout San Antonio and elsewhere. The San Fernando Cathedral is no stranger to visitors. Over 5,000 participants attend weekend mass each week. Tthere are hundreds of baptisms, wedding and funerals arranged here as well. It sees people through the most important milestones from life till death, but also celebrates life in a number of fashions including prayer and lighting a candle. Many symphonies, concerts and television specials are performed as well. Mark this down as one of the things to do in San Antonio TX. You will be a part of its long history of memories.

The San Antonio Churches are extensive, but this carries a lot of proud history on its back. It was established in 1731, but building did not appear until 1749. Nevertheless it was still a spiritual center. James Bowie, a famous Alamo defender, was married here. During the Alamo battle, it was used as an observation point. It has been through a lot, but it still stands sturdy. There are some notable figures buried here such as, James Bowie, William Travis and Davy Crockett.

Once you visit the battleground of the Alamo, visit the spiritual side to gain a better understanding of what that time was like. It is fascinating to appreciate the physical, emotional and spiritual side of the people who fought in that battle. But remember this is just one of the San Antonio churches to visit. But this is an important one to put on your things to do in San Antonio TX list.

Texas has come a long way from the Spanish missions, from oil to its modern busting metropolis haven, but it important to keep in mind that their roots are still well watered and religion is still very much intact. The San Fernando Cathedral will continue to stand for all masses, weddings, funerals and other services. It serves as spiritual center and see people through all the milestones of their life with grace and elegance.

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