The Alamo

The Alamo is an excellent attraction in San Antonio, and a major focal point in the state of Texas. Remember the Alamo; yes it is a hard one to forget. It is movies, books and even on license plates and has become the legend in the creation story of Texas. Thousands of tourists come each year to walk the grounds and see where this battle erupted. People want to witness where this courageous stand took place, see the names on the walls who fought the battle of the Alamo and above all pay their respect to these men. The Alamo has become a symbol of patriotic sacrifice that deserves to be remembered.

The history of the Alamo is that whole battle lasted only thirteen days. It began in 1836 and lasted from February 23rd and ended March 6th. The final battle had the most celebrated military engagement in Texas History. The people involved were Tennessee congressman Davy Crockett, adventurer James Bowie, Colonel William Travis and Mexican president Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna. Santa Anna cornered Colonel Travis and his 182 men. With their backs to the wall, they fought back against an army of 4,000. Colonel Travis drew a line in the sand and asked all of his men if they were willing to die for the cause. They all chose to stand strong although the reality of death was an imminent thought in their mind. James Bowie was reportedly the last man fighting in the demise. They fought bravely, but the Mexican army was too strong. But they died for the cause of liberty and freedom of Texas. They call it the most gallant stands of courage and self-sacrifice with a lasting battle cry that is still heard in Texas as Remember the Alamo.

Battle of the Alamo legend continues to grow and capture the imagination of future generations. It is a great story of self-sacrifice and courage. And that is what sticks in people's minds. If you are in Texas, it is a great opportunity to either brush up on your history of the Alamo or learn it all fresh.

The Alamo is an excellent way to begin your trip in Texas, because you will begin exactly in the place that Texas independence was born. And you will experience it all from the ground up. Pay homage and sing the battle cry Remember the Alamo and head on to the rest of your tourist endeavors. The history of the Alamo looms around the corners in museums, but there also waterslides, amusement parks and 5 huge cities that are brimming with personality who owe all the men from the battle of the Alamo much respect.

The Alamo has certainly reserved a place in our culture. It speaks of heroism, patriotism and bravery as entities of America's foundation. All of these attributes are evident in the earliest of television shows, movies, books and plays. It is these words that will always aspire to be, and is what makes us as strong as we are. As you branch out to the other enticing tourist activities you will see flags and license plates that will remind you of the Alamo. At the end of the day, you will share something very special with history of Texas. You would be doing your self a favor to remember the Alamo

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The Alamo

The Alamo is an excellent attraction in San Antonio, and a major focal point ...

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