San Antonio Tourism

San Antonio tourism offers something for every season, so there really isn't a bad time to visit. Summer is when most tourists drop into town, and while this is the peak season, it arguably isn't the best time to visit. The weather is especially hot in the summer. That being said, water parks like Splashtown provide relief from the summer heat, and amusement parks like Sea World and Six Flags Fiesta Texas have extended summer hours. Budget travelers might actually find that summer is the best time to go to San Antonio, as this is also when the hotels tend to drop their rates.

San Antonio tourism revolves largely around the convention industry, and since conventioneers usually come to town in the spring, winter, and fall, these seasons see increased hotel rates. For those who aren't coming to town for a convention, the fall and the spring are arguably the best times to visit San Antonio. You'll avoid the summer crowds at the attractions, and you'll also find the restaurants to be more accessible. The weather in the spring and fall also helps to make these seasons ideal times for San Antonio travel.

When trying to decide when to visit San Antonio, many travelers have weather as a main concern. While the climate is a temperate one, winter cold snaps can put a damper on things if you're looking to explore the city or venture out to nearby destinations like Gonzales for the day. Winter temperatures in the 40s Fahrenheit aren't uncommon, though you can expect average highs in the 50s and 60s. As spring approaches, average daytime temperatures in the high 70s to mid-80s start to become the norm. The same can be said about the fall, with the summer months seeing average highs in the 90s. If you're planning a summer trip and the heat starts to get to you, plenty of hotels have enticing pools, and you can always duck into an air-conditioned mall or museum for a couple of hours.

While a good number of conventioneers visit San Antonio in the winter, even more come in the spring and fall. As such, many of the city's hotels drop their rates in the winter, which is worth keeping in mind. Regardless of which season you choose when making your San Antonio travel plans, it is also worth noting that you might be able to secure some excellent hotel deals if you avoid the Riverwalk hotels on the weekends. Many Texans drop into town on the weekends, as this is a very popular weekend destination, so the hotels in this prime tourist district tend to raise their rates accordingly. That being said, the Riverwalk hotels include quiet a few wonderful places to stay in an attractive part of town, so they might be hard to pass on regardless of the price.

When trying to decide when to visit San Antonio, there are certainly a few things to consider. In the long run, however, you can't go wrong with a winter, spring, summer, or fall visit, as the Alamo City is full of wonderful attractions that are hardly affected by the weather. The collection at the McNay Art Museum, for example, is just as impressive in the winter as it is in the spring, and the city's many excellent restaurants are open year round. In other words, the Alamo City is very much a year round destination.

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