Texas Beaches

Texas is known for many things, but many people overlook Texas beaches. With 600 miles of the Gulf of Mexico coastline, it is difficult to see why. Beachgoers will find everything here in Texas that they could find in more popular beach destinations such as California. Texas beaches have exciting water sports, plenty of room for sunbathing, beach houses and surf. Have a Texas Beach Party—invite all your friends and have them invite all of theirs. You can party year-round here and enjoy every bit of the sun.

One Texas beach you should be familiar with is Surfside Beach Texas. It is small island created by the Gulf of Mexico. It has 21 miles of shoreline. You will find plenty of space to relax and enjoy the tranquility of the splashing waves. Also, they have hundreds of cabana beach houses lining the coast as a place to call home for a weekend or a week. Make Surfside Beach Texas a home away from home, set up a hammock, and let the breeze blow your stress away.

Other Texas beach vacation spots to be familiar with are numerous and hard to count on 2 hands. Keep your eyes open to see Crystal Beach, Galveston Island, and South Padre Island--the activities are endless. On a Texas beach vacation you can go fishing, crabbing, shelling, birding, beachcombing, biking, surfing, boating camping and photography to name a few. Any water sport you could imagine is here in Texas. Do keep in mind that this is only a few of the beaches that embrace the 600-mile shoreline.

The Texas beach vacation doesn't stop with sun bathing and water sports, oh no, there are colorful shops and a thriving nightlife that need your attention. Party all night. Isn't that what the beach is for anyway—recovering? You will have a great time in places such as South Padre Island. Make that Texas Beach party non-stop. There are also plenty of restaurant that are sure to stir your taste buds. And if all of this doesn't get you excited then take a walk in Sea Rim State park or take a boat cruise. There is an endless amount of the things to do, you just have to jump in and do them.

The Texas beaches are well worth the trip, and come in your own leisure. We aren't going anyway. Let the sea breeze and the sun let your relax. Time flies when you are having fun, and you certainly don't want to go back to work too soon. Pick a beach any beach like Surfside Beach Texas for instance, and take advantage of water sports and other festivities going on.

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