Texas Cruises

Texas cruises are a seemingly ever-changing industry, with ships in the past sailing from both Houston and Galveston. However, in recent years, the Houston port has relegated all the cruises from Texas over to nearby Galveston.

As for now, Galveston reigns supreme, with a modest, yet effective array of ships that make up the island-port’s fleet. Cruises from Texas offer up ships of varying size, with the “smaller” ships able to handle 2,000-3,000 passengers. Royal Caribbean is relocating its behemoth 138,000-ton, 3,600-passenger “Voyager of the Seas” from Miami to Galveston, making it the largest Galveston cruise ship to ever operate out of Texas to date. Cruises to Mexico and to the western Caribbean will make up the bulk of cruises from Texas in the coming years, with occasional extended cruises to such locations as Barcelona, Spain. As the Houston comes back on board, Texas cruises will likely offer a wider selection of destinations and increasingly larger ships.

Researching the cruises offered in your time frame will reveal the best trips for your travel needs and budget. Texas cruises range in price with relatively affordable rates across the board. Renting an inside cabin saves you the most money, while the suites with perimeter decks and sea views round out the top end of the options. With plenty to do on board, a day at sea doesn’t mean you’ll be bored. You’ll enjoy various dining options on these cruise ships with bars serving fantastic drinks, pools for family fun and nighttime entertainment in the way of shows and gambling. While most of the cruises from Texas are a week or shorter, occasional 13 to 14-night cruises can be found from time to time that can include such stops as Miami, Portugal’s Azores Islands and the aforementioned Barcelona, Spain. It is important to note that on some of the longer Texas cruises the ship may not return passengers to Galveston, meaning you will have to arrange for transportation back home from the ultimate destination.

While the largest of Texas’ cruise ships handle the extended two-week voyages, the smaller crafts are responsible for the majority 4 and 5-day base cruises to Mexico. These are the best option for Texas cheap cruises, with very reasonable rates. When searching for Texas cruises, you will tend to also find plenty in the way of longer 7-day trips, with cruises to Mexico and the Caribbean. You can find lots of good deals as well with these cruises, and along their routes, stops generally include destinations like Jamaica and Grand Cayman in the Caribbean and a stop in Mexico before returning to Galveston. At the featured destinations on cruises to Mexico and other Texas cruises, you can leave the ship to explore the sightseeing, dining and shopping options near port. Again, checking with any of the respective major cruise lines operating out of the Galveston/Houston area will reveal exact itineraries and prices, as well as other pertinent information like whether you’ll need a passport or not. Various discounts can be found with a little bit of research, making cruises from Texas even more affordable than they already are.

Those booking Galveston, Texas cruises, will find a wealth of things to do in Galveston, as well as in nearby Houston. You might also consider spending a couple days enjoying nearby Surfside Beach as well. Featuring miles of largely unspoiled beaches, Surfside Beach is ideal for nature lovers, recreational sport enthusiasts and general sun seekers. Visitors to Surfside Beach will find a plethora of beachside accommodations in this pleasant seaside retreat.

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