Fishing in Texas

Are you a fishing enthusiast with vacation time coming up? Let us let you in on a secret. Texas Fishing is incredible. It is no secret to the residents of Texas, because it ranks third in number of state fishing licenses. Texas sold One million four hundred and fifty-night thousand eight hundred and forty-three to be exact. All the fishing you could ask for is in the great lone star state from freshwater to saltwater fishing. It is an ideal place to visit for a fishing adventure, because it is warm, beautiful, plenty of fish and tackle shops everywhere. Texas can't help but fish.

There are numerous places to fish like South Padre Island for some Salt water fishing, or even San Antonio fishing. Bait fishermen and fly fishermen will find a comfort spot to throw a line in. Texas is not just a bunch of cattle ranch farms—fly fishing Texas is coming on and the popularity is increasing. One of the best places to go fly fishing Texas is in the Hill Country. You should be familiar with these rivers: Blanco River, Guadalupe River, Lampasas River, Llano River, Pedernales River and San Gabriel river.

While Texas fishing you will find bass, corvine trout, freshwater redfish, catfish and alligator gar on the end of your line. Also you will find many different guide companies that would love to make your day of fishing in Texas the best day of fishing you've ever had. They are so experienced that they can think like fish and spot them easily in the water. You will fish like an expert in Texas. Don't forget about salt water fishing though. Salt water fishing is very popular and you will find Speckled Trout, Redfish, Flounder or Billfish. Fishing in Texas has opportunities beyond your wildest fishing dreams.

Another spot for Texas fishing is San Antonio. There are a bunch of different lakes where you can take a canoe, relax and fish. Some lakes you will be interested in are Braunig, Calaveras and Canyon Lakes. You will find Bass, Stripers, Whites, Catfish and huge freshwater Redfish. San Antonio fishing may not be top of the best fishing in the world, but it is underrated. You can have an incredible time in San Antonio fishing.

As for places to stay before you go fishing in Texas, there are plenty. It depends on the accommodations you prefer. They have everything such as: Bed and Breakfast, guest ranch, hotels, motels, cabin or guest home or a condominium. They are close by to your fishing paradise, hospitable and comfortable.

The cat is certainly out of the bag about fishing in Texas, and now all that needs to be done is to go looking for that catfish. Take a vacation and make it a relaxing one outdoors living on your instincts and wits. Catch the fish, make dinner and reminisce. The fish are out there and soon they will biting the end of your line.

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