In every season of every year, millions of people take Utah vacations. Some come to explore the mystique that is associated with Utah’s unusual history. Others enjoy the art and cultural activities that are prevalent in Salt Lake City. A vast majority of people plan their Utah vacations so that they can take advantage of the splendid array of natural attractions and outdoor activities that the state has to offer.

Depending on their interests, people plan their Utah vacations in any of the state’s three distinct regions. In the warmer months, people like to visit the Colorado Plateau, which is in the southern half of Utah. This is where you can find those fascinating rock formations the state is famous for. Some folks travel in Utah in search of solitude. They often enjoy visiting the Great Basin Desert. The Utah travel information in this guide will focus predominantly on these three areas.

The Rocky Mountain region of Utah is home to the rugged peaks, majestic pines and deep blue lakes that have inspired a good deal of travel in Utah. This is where a majority of the state’s residents reside. The Wasatch Front in the Rocky Mountain region extends from Logan to Provo. This highly diverse area entices many people to travel in Utah for a variety of reasons.

Much of Utah tourism in this region centers on Salt Lake, which is the state’s most cosmopolitan city. Because of its distinction as international headquarters of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (better known as the Mormons), Temple Square in Salt Lake City draws an abundant amount of Utah tourism. While some come on a pilgrimage to the Temple, others are simply fascinated by its history and architecture. However, religious affiliation is not the only reason for Utah tourism.

Many people come to visit the Great Salt Lake itself, which is eight times saltier than any of the oceans in the world; images of the Great Salt Lake are among the most iconic pictures of Utah, and it's one of the state's most popular attractions by far. Others book a Utah travel package to Salt Lake City due to its close proximity to some of the best skiing in North America. These areas include Big and Little Cottonwood Canyons. Great skiing can also be found in the area north of Salt Lake City, which is known as the Northern Wasatch Front. This is where you will find Ogden Utah, which is where the Central Pacific and Union Pacific railroads met in 1869.

If you are interested in national parks, you will definitely want to book a Utah travel package to the Colorado Plateau, which extends along the state's entire southern border and halfway up the east side. This area, which really must be seen to be believed, bears a close resemblance to a set for a science fiction film. However, Hollywood can not take any credit for these spectacular rock formations, which were carved by geologic forces, erosion, oxidation, and other natural processes. This is where you will find Zion National Park, Bryce Canyon National Park, Moab and other intriguing Utah destinations. Be sure to check out our Utah travel information pages that are dedicated to these areas.

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