Airlines to Utah

One of the reasons that the Beehive State is such a popular travel destination is the ease in finding an inexpensive flight to Utah. The deal is sweetened by the fact that the Salt Lake City Airport is just a short drive form the ski areas of other activities. In fact, during ski season, some airlines will give you a free lift ticket to the slopes that you can use on the same day as your flight to Utah. Make sure that you save your Utah ticket in order to be eligible.

If you live on the East Coast, Jet Blue Airlines has made the idea of a flight to Salt Lake City a very attractive prospect. These flights often leave later in the evening, so you do not have to miss a day’s work. They also return late, so that you can get in full day of activity and dinner before flying home. Jet Blue also has individual TVs at each seat, so you can enjoy whatever show you would like. Frontier Airlines, which is based in Denver Colorado, is also a good place to look into a discount flight to Utah.

Just about any major of the major airlines, as well as a few of the smaller ones, fly into Salt Lake City Airport. These include:

  • Air Canada
  • America West Airlines
  • American Airlines
  • Continental Airlines
  • Delta Airlines
  • Northwest Airlines
  • Salmon Air
  • Sky West Airlines
  • Southwest Airlines
  • United Airlines
  • United Express

If you are a frequent traveler, the Salt Lake City Airport is in the process of developing a frequent parking program, which would allow you to earn free parking. Otherwise the Salt Lake City Airport has a variety of parking plans, which depend on the length of your stay and how much you are willing to spend. As airports go, the Salt lake City Airport is relatively well organized, which means that Utah travel may actually be a stress-free experience.

When you arrive from your flight to Salt Lake City, there are a number of car rental agencies at the airport. There are also a number of taxi stands and shuttle services. In general, the shuttle drivers are friendly, talkative and highly knowledgeable about the area. Your ride can be considered a combination of shuttle service and guided tour!

Another pleasant side benefit of Utah travel is the art exhibits at the Salt Lake City Airport. You will find a number of photography shows that will get you excited about the beauty of the Wasatch Mountains, as well as other shows. Your Utah travel will also be enhanced by the reasonable variety of shops and restaurants at the airport.

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