Artist’s Point Monument Valley

Artist’s Point Monument Valley is a wonderfully scenic spot. In fact, this lookout point along the Monument Valley Road offers what are arguably some of the best Monument Valley views. Many regional landmarks dot the landscape, with examples including the iconic West Mitten Butte and East Mitten Butte, and the stunning scenery here is a photographer’s (or a painter’s) dream. The area draws its name from the number of artists who stopped at the viewpoint to re-create this stunning and now-iconic image of the Southwest on their canvases.

No drive along the Monument Valley Road should skip a stop at Artist’s Point. Together with John Ford’s Point, this overlook on the edge of a plateau is one of the road’s best. In addition to the Mittens, you can easily make out Sentinel Mesa, Merrick Butte, Spearhead Mesa, Cly Butte, Elephant Butte, and a variety of other peaks from the point.

One of the best things about Artist’s Point Monument Valley is the fact that it doesn’t typically get an overwhelming amount of visitors on any given day, as John Ford’s Point, which has a gift shop and is more easily accessible. (It also draws additional visitors because of its film connection.) At any rate, the relatively low amount of visitors at Artist’s Point usually translates to a more tranquil and peaceful viewing experience, which is music to the ears of many Monument Valley visitors.

As a side note, anyone who is looking to take a lot of snapshots during their visit to Artist’s Point Monument Valley should know that the early morning hours tend to offer the best light for photography. The same can be said for the Three Sisters viewpoint and every other viewpoint in the area. Also, the morning hours usually see less crowding at the various overlook sites; though the evenings can have good light as well, they do tend to have more visitors.

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