Blanding Utah

Blanding Utah is a small city in the southeastern part of the state, and it’s worthy of attention for anyone planning a trip to the Southwestern US. The location is spectacular, with easy reach to some of the prettiest spots in the area, such as Edge of the Cedars State Park, and that’s just the start of the list when it comes to amazing regional attractions. Blanding visitors don’t have to go very far to get to numerous national parks, for instance, and several national monuments are also close to town.

Blanding Utah is often referred to as the Gateway to Utah’s Canyon Country, and there are red rock canyons, ancient Native American sites, and beautiful alpine meadows all within easy reach. In addition, no discussion about this city of approximately 3,000 residents would be complete without mentioning the fact that it is close to three Lake Powell marinas. Regarding the parks and monuments in close proximity to Blanding, they include Edge of the Cedars but also the Hovenweep National Monument, Natural Bridges National Monument, Canyonlands National Park, Monument Valley, and many more—even destinations like Arches and the Four Corners are accessible if you’re willing to travel a ways out of town.

Monument Valley

Monument Valley is a particularly popular place to go when you’re planning a trip to Blanding. Located about 75 miles away from the city, this sacred Navajo area is home to some of the most beautiful and iconic rock formations in the United States, including the Mittens and Merrick Butte, Three Sisters, and Artist’s Point. The Navajo Valley Tribal Park, where the valley is located, is a fascinating destination for those interested in the ancient history of the Southwest, as are some attractions closer to Blanding itself, such as the Anasazimuseums.

Huck’s Anasazi Museum & Trading Post

Huck’s Anasazi Museum & Trading Post
Huck’s Anasazi Museum & Trading Post

The Blanding area is home to some of the best Anasazi archaeological sites, so it is a good place to go if you want to get in touch with the cultural history of the Southwest. While in the area, anyone wishing to learn about the ancient Anasazi can also do so at the Huck’s Anasazi Museum & Trading Post. This attraction at 1387 South Main, right in the center of Blanding, displays a wonderful collection of Anasazi artifacts, which include such things as pottery pieces and arrowheads. It also sells books on the Anasazi, as well as Indian-made goods from more recent times. Among the things that visitors can purchase are silverwork, pottery, beadwork, and antiques.

Edge of the Cedars Anasazi Museum

Edge of the Cedars Anasazi Museum
Edge of the Cedars Anasazi Museum

If you want to learn more about the Anasazi people than just what you see at Huck’s museum, then you also won’t want to miss the Edge of the Cedars Anasazi Museum. This museum at nearby Edge of the Cedars State Park offers wonderful insight into the history of the Anasazi through its exhibits. Artifacts are on display here as well, including arrowheads, sandals, pottery, an original ladder that was from an Anasazi kiva, and a variety of other fascinating things. Perhaps the main highlight, however, is the re-constructed kiva that was fashioned out of the remains of an original kiva. A kiva is a room that is primarily used for spiritual ceremonies. Members of modern-day Pueblo cultures are still known to use them much as their ancestors did.

Hotels in Blanding

Hotels in Blanding
Hotels in Blanding

The hotels in Blanding Utah are well-priced on the whole, which is one of the reasons this area is so popular. Among the best in-town choices are the Four Corners Inn and the Super 8 Blanding. Visitors might also turn to the comfortable and cost-effective Comfort Inn or the highly affordable Gateway Inn when looking for in-town accommodations. There are other options as well in the same general price category. As for something different, Blanding visitors in need of lodging might opt to turn to the Abajo Haven Guest Cabins. This lodging operation offers small and cozy cabins and is located less than ten miles north of town.

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