Bountiful Utah

Bountiful Utah truly offers a bounty of possibilities of things to do and see. For starters, this fast-growing city can be found to the immediate north of Salt Lake City, and side trips to the capital are certainly recommended. Also interesting to note is the fact that Bountiful UT sits at the base of the Wasatch Range. This means that residents and visitors alike don't have to go far to enjoy some alpine fun.

Bountiful Utah has been around almost as long as Salt Lake City. It is actually the second oldest settlement in the state and was founded in 1847. The name Bountiful relates to a city that is mentioned in the Book of Mormon, and the city has always maintained a very high Mormon population. Among the main landmarks in town is the Bountiful Utah Temple. While not as renowned as the Salt Lake Temple at Temple Square, the Bountiful Temple is quite stunning nonetheless. It was dedicated in 1995 and is impossible to miss on the Bountiful skyline, but do note that while visitors are welcomed to view the exterior, only church members in good standing can enter.

Bountiful Utah maintains a lovely Main Street corridor where unique shops can be found, so visitors might treat themselves to a stroll and a shopping spree along this strip. Main Street is also home to the Bountiful Historical Museum, which offers wonderful insight into the city's past. You can find this museum at 845 S. Main Street.

Keeping in line with the history of Bountiful, visitors won't want to miss the Willey Cabin. Built in 1854, this old abode changed hands several times before a man by the name of Grant Neath assumed ownership in and around the year 1939. Neath was a descendant of the Perrigrine Sessions, who led the founding of Bountiful, and built a home around the Willey Cabin. After Grant Neath passed away in 1990, his home was slated to be demolished so that the city's hospital could expand. The demolition squad thankfully found the Willey Cabin before they started razing the place, and so it was saved. The cabin was eventually moved and can be found in Bountiful Park on 400 North.

Should the urge to enjoy some outdoor recreation set in during your Bountiful UT escape, you can enjoy all kinds of activities in the Wasatch Mountains. During the winter, ski resorts such as Alta and Park City entice snowsports enthusiasts, and once the snow on the slopes starts to melt, hikers and mountain bikers start moving in.

In addition to venturing into the realms of the Wasatch Range, those who are interested in enjoying some outdoor fun during their vacations can consider doing some swimming in the Great Salt Lake. Visiting Antelope Island is also an option when it comes to Great Salt Lake activities.

The Salt Lake City golf courses are easy to access when visiting Bountiful UT, and the city itself is home to a wonderful, 18-hole course of its own. This course is known as the Bountiful Ridge Golf Course, and it is part of the larger Bountiful Ridge Golf Club. You can find the club and the course at 2430 South Bountiful Boulevard, and should your game be off during a visit, you can always indulge in the great views of the Great Salt Lake and the valley in general.

There aren't a lot of Bountiful hotels to select from, though nearby Salt Lake City and the area in general offer plenty of lodging options. If you want to stay right in the city, there are some options as well.

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