Bryce Canyon

Bryce Canyon Utah is a geological fantasyland that is characterized by intricate mazes of multi-colored rocks. These rock formations inspire the workings of a creative mind. Everyone has an image of what they look like. Some people imagine that they are ancient Egyptian temples. Others view them as enormous Gothic castles. However, whatever your interpretation of these rock formations turns out to be, you will surely have an intriguing experience at Bryce Canyon Utah. Its designation as a national park in 1924 put Bryce Canyon on the map. Since then it has become one of Utah’s most popular tourist destinations.

The Hoodoos at Bryce Canyon Utah take on a somewhat eerie persona. Hoodoos are tall and skinny spires of rock that protrude dramatically from the bottom of the dry basins. Their size ranges from the height of a typical human being to the height of a ten story building. The unusual shapes of the Hoodoos at Bryce Canyon Utah are formed by the erosion patterns of hard and soft rocks. They often resemble either human or animal forms, such as the Three Wise Men, an Indian Princess and a rabbit.

Aside from the Hoodoos, there are many wondrous attractions that can be explored at Bryce Canyon National Park. Take a drive on the Fairyland Loop Trail and explore the whimsical rock formations along Fairyland Canyon. Take a walk along the Queen’s Garden Trail to see the Hoodoo that bears a startling resemblance to a portly Queen Victoria.

If you want an in depth “insider’s” view of Bryce Canyon National Park, make plans to participate in one of the Ranger programs. The rangers at Bryce Canyon National Park will lead hikes along the Rim Walk, as well as give daily geology talks.

If you want to stay in or near the park, there are a number of Bryce Canyon lodging options. Ruby’s Inn is the closest accommodation to Bryce Canyon, Utah. In addition to the 368 guest rooms, there is also Bryce Canyon lodging at an RV Campground. Additionally, Ruby’s Inn Canyon Diner is one of the better restaurants in the area.

Bryce Canyon lodging can also be found at the Bryce Canyon Pioneer Village Motel. This motel has the only remaining cabin of Ebenezer Bryce, for whom Bryce Canyon Utah was named. Bryce lived in the nearby town of Tropic in 1875. However, after five years of being unable to make a living, he moved to Arizona. He is remembered by his comments about the Bryce Park area: “Well, it’s a hell of a place to lose a cow!”

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