Cedar Breaks National Monument

The eroded rock formations at Cedar Breaks National Monument are somewhat similar to those that are found at Bryce Canyon. However, some of the formations at Cedar Breaks have their own distinct and unique look. Some areas of Cedar Breaks display colors that are even brighter than those of Bryce Canyon. In fact, the decorative shades of red, yellow, white, pink and orange have been compared to the icing on an elaborate wedding cake. Professional rock color analysts have identified over 50 hues in the Cedar Breaks Hoodoos.

The access road to Cedar Breaks is UT 148. The drive is an attraction in itself. As it circles the cliff edges, you can witness the spectacular limestone formations which extend 2,000 feet downwards and three miles across. All of these erosions came from the Claron Formation of the Pink Cliffs. Cedar Breaks National Monument can be reached from four different directions. If you are approaching from the North, UT 143 will climb quite steeply from Parowan on I-15. An alternative road to Cedar Beaks Utah is UT 14 which approaches from Cedar City and travels up a steep canyon. This road ascends 4,000 feet in 18 miles. The scenic drive near the Cedar Breaks National Monument reaches an impressive summit of 10,400 feet. For this reason, it receives an enormous amount of snowfall, which often has not melted by July. Caution is advised when driving. In fact, between April and November, the road to Cedar Breaks National Parks is often closed.

If you are traveling to the Cedar Breaks National Monument in the spring or in the summer, the alpine meadows on the plateau become filled with lush green grasses and a medley of brightly colored wildflowers. Hiking in Cedar Breaks Utah is somewhat limited due to the fact that there are no trails down the cliff face. However, it is possible to take pleasant short walks along the rim and through pine forests.

Recently officials for Iron County, Utah have proposed legislation to expand the area around Cedar Breaks National Monument and rename it as Cedar Breaks National Park. If the legislation passes, Cedar Breaks National Park would encompass the Ashdown Gorge Wilderness as well as some privately-owned land. While the creation of the Cedar Breaks National Park may expand tourism, there are advantages to seeing Cedar Breaks Utah before it becomes commercialized. Due to the lack of crowds, visitors can see an abundance of wildlife. These creatures are often too shy to show their faces in the more popular national parks. They include mule deer, picas, marmots, chipmunks and others.

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