Flaming Gorge Utah

The Flaming Gorge was established as a recreation area on October 1st, 1968. It contains 207,363 acres of land and water which is somewhat equally divided between Utah and Wyoming. As it rises well above the surrounding bedrock, the Flaming Gorge Utah Dam impounds the waters of the Green River. This results in the formation of the Flaming Gorge Reservoir.

Petroglyphs, as well as a variety of artifacts tell us that once upon a time, the Fremont Indians hunted game near Flaming Gorge. Then, on a spring day in 1869, John Wesley Powell and nine men boarded small wooden boats at Green River, Wyoming to explore the Green and Colorado Rivers. When they saw the reflection of the brilliant sunlight on the red rocks, they decided to name the area Flaming Gorge.

Today, the Flaming Gorge Lake provides a wonderful selection of recreational activities, such as recreational activities such as power boating, waterskiing, camping, parasailing, rafting and swimming. Flaming Gorge fishing, which can be done either on a boat or on the shore, is one of the most popular activities at Flaming Gorge Lake. The Flaming Gorge Lake is also a renowned trophy trout fishing destination.

The Flaming Gorge fishing facilities within the within the Flaming Gorge National Recreation Area include 18 U.S. Forest Service Campgrounds, four boat campgrounds, nine paved boat ramps, and three full service marinas. Since their impoundment, rainbow trout have provided the bulk of the Flaming Gorge fishing harvest. They are also the most sought-after species by anglers. Kokanee salmon and smallmouth bass were stocked at the Flaming Gorge Lake during the mid 1960s. Since then, they have developed naturally reproducing fisheries.

Lake trout, also known as "mackinaw," have drifted into Flaming Gorge Lake from the upper Green River drainage. However, the lake trout are managed as a trophy fishery, and regulations have been designed to keep their numbers in a functional balance with the populations of kokanee salmon and Utah chubs, which are their primary prey. You may also find other sport fish that are occasionally stocked in Flaming Gorge Lake, such as brown trout and channel catfish.

The best areas for lake trout are Mustang Ridge, Jarvies Canyon, Hideout, Linwood Bay, Antelope Flats, Stateline, Anvil Draw, and Big Bend. For rainbow trout, try Jarvies Canyon, Carter Creek, Sheep Creek, Linwood Bay, Squaw Hollow, Big Bend, Halfway Hollow and Firehole. If you are looking for kokanee, take a look at Cedar Springs, Jarvies Canyon, Hideout, Red Cliffs, Horses hoe Canyon, Pipeline, Wildhorse, Squaw Hollow, Lowe Canyon, and Big Bend.

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