Green River Utah

The Green River Utah begins at Flaming Gorge, which is located in the state’s northeast corner. It then meanders through Dinosaur National Monument. Eventually, it follows the labyrinth of desert wilderness in east-central Utah, and passes the town of Green River before it unites with the Colorado River in Canyonlands National Park.

Evidence of Utah’s ancient inhabitants can be found in the Green River Utah Basin, which was once home to the Fremont Culture. The Fremont Native Americans were a semi-nomadic people, who were known for their distinctive pottery and figurines and rock art which can be found on canyon walls and in overhangs throughout the river basin. They inhabited the area from 600 A.D. to 1200A.D. Years later; the Utes would occupy the Green River Utah Basin. Today, they still inhabit the area. Their reservation is in the Uinta Basin.

A visitor to this area will discover that Green River Utah is surrounded by acres of pristine deserts which offer a variety of recreational opportunities. Whether you enjoy hiking, backpacking, taking, 4x4 trails, ATV and OHV trails, horse back riding, mountain biking, Utah kayaking or golf, this unique area has something that will surely strike your fancy.

Kayaking on the Green River Utah is considered to be one of the best flat water stretches in the West. No matter what your skill level, it is possible to find suitable sections for kayaking on the Green River Utah. Beginners will enjoy the 9-mile stretch through the lower portion of Gray Canyon. If you are looking for beautiful scenery, the Labyrinth and Stillwater Canyons are great places for kayaking on the Green River Utah.

Many of the Labyrinth and Stillwater Canyon kayaking trips embark from Green River State Park, Utah, which is located on the banks of the Green River. The facilities at Green River State Park include a 42-unit campground, hot showers, modern rest rooms, group-use pavilion and an amphitheater. The Green River State Park recently built a nine-hole golf course.

Each year on Memorial Day, the Green River State Park is the starting point for the annual Friendship Cruise. This cruise begins in Green River, Utah, down the pleasant Green River. It then follows the confluence of the mighty Colorado. The 184 mile trip ends in Moab, Utah. The cost of the Friendship Cruise includes transportation for your vehicle, which will be waiting for you at the Moab docks at the end of the cruise.

Green River Utah

Green River

The Green River Utah begins at Flaming Gorge, which is located in the state’...

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