Kanab Utah

Kanab Utah is an extremely special place. The town gets its name from the Native American word for the willow baskets that were used for to carry an infant on its mother’s back. Today, its atmosphere is somewhat hippy/New Age. However, the history of Kanab Utah is deeply rooted in the Mormon heritage.

On June 14, 1870, a man named Levi Stewart was called by President Brigham Young to lead a group of pioneers to settle the Kanab area. At first, the Native American population was reluctant to allow the settlement. Eventually, through the negotiations of a man by the named Jacob Hamlin, Kanab Utah was open to white settlement. That summer, the town became a major center for local pioneering, missionary work, and exploration.

Many years later, Kanab would become a popular film location. It thus gets its nickname, “Little Hollywood.” In fact, if you would like to enjoy a somewhat “campy” Kanab experience, you might like to visit the Frontier Movie Town, where you can find remnants of many of the sets of the westerns that have been filmed in Kanab Utah. You can even dress up in western costume and get photographed. Okay, perhaps western movies are not your thing. Fortunately, there’s a lot more to Kanab Utah than movie sets. Are you an animal lover? Read on!

No visit to Kanab, Utah would be complete without a visit to the Best Friends Animal Sanctuary. This no-kill shelter is located in Angel Canyon, an area that was once used by the Pueblo as a center for spiritual guidance. The animals at the Best Friend’s Animal Sanctuary come for all parts of the country. Many are too ill to ever be adopted. Over 1,500 dogs, cats, horses, rabbits, and other animals call the best Friends Animal Sanctuary their home. Visits and tours of the area can be arranged in advance. Be advised! You may find yourself exposed too more cuteness than you can possibly handle.

If you happen to be a greyhound parent, there is a Kanab Utah event that you would really enjoy. The annual Greyhound Gathering features three fantastic days of greyhound fun and greyhound education. Many Kanab hotels welcome your greyhound for this event.

Whether you are spending the day playing with animals are enjoying the national parks, you will probably find yourself hungry at the end of the day. There are many great places to eat in Kanab. However, there is one Kanab restaurant that is second to none in terms of cuisine and ambience.

When you walk into the Rocking V Café, you are personally greeted by owners Victor and Vicky. The happy couple was married at Zion National Park in 1987. Their love of Southern Utah inspired them to move to Kanab, and their enthusiasm about the area is evident in their fantastic Kanab restaurant. Creative recipes that consist of fresh pasta, fish, beef and vegetables highlight the diverse and exciting menu. If you wish, any meal can be prepared as a vegan entrée. For desert, you must check out one of Vicki’s sumptuous pies!

As if great food and a friendly staff was not all you can ask for from a Kanab restaurant, the Rocking V Café also has an upstairs gallery that features the work of local artists. Your meal at the Rocking V Café will leave you satisfied and fortified. Plan to spend the next day exploring the Coral Pink Sand Dunes.

The shifting arcs of crescent-shaped dunes and the fine, salmon-colored grains of sand are the major attractions of Coral Pink Sand Dunes State Park, Utah. The 3,730 acres of the park are ornamented with coral-colored dunes, lush green forests and red sandstone cliffs. This is a hiker’s and photographer’s paradise! The facilities at the Coral Pink Sand Dunes State Park include a 22-unit campground, modern restrooms, hot showers, sewage disposal station, a boardwalk; overlook trails, and a nature trail.

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