Landscape Arch

Landscape Arch is located in the Devils Garden part of Arches National Park, which boasts numerous arches, columns, and other geological formations spread out along a ridge. It is one of the first arches encountered during a hike along the Devils Garden trail, which is the longest trail in the park. At 290 feet in length, Landscape Arch is counted as the second-longest natural arch in the world, with only Xian Ren Qiao (Fairy Bridge) in Guangxi China being longer. In fact, because of the regional patterns of erosion, nine of the fifteen longest arches in the world are found in the United States—all of them in the Four Corners states of Colorado, New Mexico, Utah, and Arizona. You will find them in Zion National Park, Glen Canyon National Recreation Area, Negro Bill Canyon, Natural Bridges National Monument, Escalante Canyon, Dinosaur National Monument, Sanostee, Wrather Canyon, and, of course, Arches National Park.

As with all the arches, columns like Balanced Rock, and other geologic formations, Landscape Arch was created over millennia by erosion and the effects of wind and rain. All of them will someday erode away, as when the Wall Arch, which was also located in Devils Garden, collapsed in 2008. Landscape Arch is a very thin (only 11 feet thick) strip of sandstone, and there have been recent hints that this lovely formation will go sooner rather than later. In 1991, the thinnest part of the span lost a 73-foot chunk; before that, the span was 16 feet thick. In 1995, there were two more losses, also from thinnest section. Because of this, the trail that once led under the arch has been closed, but you can still get a beautiful view of this formation from a short distance away.

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