Monument Valley Hotels

The Monument Valley hotels aren’t exactly plentiful in number. In fact, there are only a few hotels that are found either on or very near the boundaries of this scenic wonderland. As such, many visitors to Monument Valley look to stay in one of the cities or towns that offer reasonable proximity to the valley. Of course, staying as close to the valley has its advantages, with easy access to the Monument Valley Tribal Park being the main perk.

Monument Valley Hotels

Monument Valley Hotels
Monument Valley Hotels

There are three Monument Valley hotels to select from should you wish to stay as close as possible, and they adequately cover a good range of lodging preferences. Included among the bunch is the View Hotel (pictured, left and above). Situated off Highway 63 near the Utah and Arizona border, this excellent hotel is the only one that is actually found within the Monument Valley borders. There are 95 well-equipped rooms, and as the hotel’s name would imply, the views from its privileged location are divine. As for the other Monument Valley hotels, nearby Goulding’s Lodge also provides wonderful rooms to go with its excellent views, and visitors can always hope to secure a campsite or cabin as well as a lodge room. Complementing both the View Hotel and Goulding’s Lodge is the FireTree B&B. Rather simple Navajo cabins that are known as Hogans serve as the accommodations at this bed and breakfast, and the cultural authenticity of the lodging experience is hard to beat.

Monument Valley Camping

Monument Valley Camping
Monument Valley Camping

Camping in the Monument Valley area can be a real treat for outdoor enthusiasts who are in need of a place to stay for a night or more. While the old Mitten View Campground was closed, a rather primitive campground has taken its place. This campground is known as the Cottonwood Campground, and it can be found to the near north of the Monument Valley Navajo Tribal Park visitor center. The campsites are first-come, first-served, and the amenities are basically limited to "porta potty" restrooms. It’s more about the views at the Cottonwood Campground than the amenities, and it should be mentioned that close by are the famed Mittens. Another option is the campground at Goulding’s Lodge, which is open year round. The fees are much higher for camping at the lodge, though guests get plenty of bang for their buck. The facilities, which are mostly available from mid-March to November, include an indoor pool, a playground, a laundry station, and showers with hot water. Wi-Fi is also available.

Lodging in Monument Valley

Monument Valley Lodging
Monument Valley Lodging Image: Larry1732 (flickr)

Travelers who prefer camping while in the Monument Valley region can also consider the other area campgrounds that are found outside of the park. In the small Utah town of Bluff, for example, there are two RV Parks to choose from, and cabin rentals are available close by. As for those who prefer staying in a hotel, Bluff offers some inns and B&B’s. There are also some inns, B&B’s, and at least one motel in the Utah town of Mexican Hat. On the Arizona side, the Navajo Nation town of Kayenta is home to several lodging establishments, the likes of which include a Holiday Inn, a Hampton Inn, and a cheaper Best Western. Outside of the Navajo Nation boundaries, the Arizona town of Page offers even more regional lodging choices, not to mention a great location on Lake Powell. This town is approximately 150 miles to the west of Monument Valley, however, so it’s not exactly the most convenient base. Bluff, Mexican Hat, and Kayenta are much closer.

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