Orem Utah

The City of Orem Utah is situated on the eastern shore of Utah Lake. It extends eastwards to Provo and the foothills of Mount Timpanogos. In fact, the history of Orem Utah is closely tied to the history of Provo.

Before Orem Utah was incorporated in 1919, it was referred to as the Provo Bench. Its fertile orchards added to Provo’s well-deserved reputation as the “Garden City of Utah.” However, the citizens of Orem Utah decided to incorporate, because they needed their own self-sustaining water system, and did not think that Provo would supply the required financial support. The new town of Orem Utah was named after Walter Orem, who was the owner of the interurban railroad that ran between Salt Lake City and Provo.

Today, the Provo Bench is also an easy, popular Orem, Utah cycling trail. You can find it by going east on 3rd south as far as you can go. As you head up the canyon, you will eventually get to a parking gravel parking lot. About 300 yards further you will need to jump a little ditch. Then, continue riding north on the fire road along the bench. Because of some roller coaster type hills, the Provo Bench trail is rated intermediate.

Like its neighbor in Provo, the Orem restaurant scene focuses predominantly on fast food and American cuisine. However, the Chef’s Table is an Orem restaurant that has received excellent reviews. The freshly made pastas, meat dishes, and seafood that are created by renowned Chef Kent Andersen can be accompanied by a wide an interesting variety of wines. Both he macadamia nut-crusted halibut and pan-seared duck have received highest accolades. This intimate Orem restaurant has views of the Utah Valley and Wasatch Mountains that can be seen through elegant French window. It is the perfect dining venue for a romantic dinner in Orem.

Because of Orem’s proximity to Utah Lake, it is a year-round center for recreation. Located in Central Utah, Utah Lake is the largest naturally occurring freshwater lake in the western United States. Its wetlands have received national acclaim for their critical importance to fish and wildlife resources. The Utah Lake wetland ecosystem is a significant breeding area and stopover for a variety of migratory birds in the Pacific Flyway. About 226 species of birds use the Utah Lake wetlands. Additionally, 49 mammalian species, 16 species of amphibians and reptiles and 18 species of fish call the lake their “home.” Utah Lake is also a feeding area for birds nesting on the Great Salt Lake.

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