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Salt Lake City Utah is a destination that may surprise visitors. If you've seen the HBO series Big Love and you came for the polygamy, you were misinformed. This beautiful city is a fascinating place to visit, and the only polygamy you are likely to find in Salt Lake City Utah is Polygamy Porter Ale. However, with the mere 3.2% alcohol content limit, some ale aficionados would debate whether this can truly be considered ale. Nonetheless, there is still plenty of Salt Lake City entertainment that can be enjoyed without the use of alcohol.

In all due seriousness, Salt Lake City Utah is a place that should be seen at least once, if not more than once, in your life time. As the headquarters for one of the most powerful religions in the world, it is distinctly different from any American city you will ever visit. Some folks even say that Salt Lake City Utah reminds them of the Vatican in Italy, but that may be a bit extreme. Salt Lake City is also home to outdoor enthusiasts whose dedication to their sport is comparable to the Mormons’ intense dedication to their religion. As a result considerable amount of Salt Lake City tourism is focused on the great outdoors, and the many beautiful mountains nearby, as well as the option for iconic Great Salt Lake pictures. The fact that both religious and athletic devotees have managed to co-exist in a state of détente makes Salt Lake City Utah an extremely interesting place to visit.

In addition to the active pursuits which the area is popular for, much of Salt Lake City tourism centers on Temple Square, where the Mormon Tabernacle Choir broadcasts its program Music and the Spoken Word. Temple Square is situated over three blocks in downtown Salt Lake City. Twenty attractions related to Mormon history and genealogy, as well as a fascinating architectural structure are part of its drawing factor for Salt Lake City tourism. The massive granite, six-spire neo-gothic Temple, which was built between 1853 and 1893, is a popular stopping point for Salt Lake City tours.

The Temple’s façade is inscribed with gold-lettered words that read "The House of the Lord." Mormons believe that if they remain faithful to the sacred promises made in the Church's temples, their family relationships will extend beyond death. For this reason, the temple was a top priority once the Mormons reached the Salt Lake Valley in 1847.

Mormon Leader Brigham Young sent architect Truman Angell to Europe to study the cathedrals and religious structures of the Renaissance. A large team of craftsmen and stone masons, carpenters, artists, glassblowers and seamstresses worked on the project. Today, a variety of Salt Lake City tours of the various buildings of Temple Square are conducted throughout the year.

Once you have explored the area’s Mormon heritage, plan to take advantage of the excellent Salt Lake City entertainment. Brewvies Cinema Pub is a place where you can choose from 18 beers on tap, order a meal, and then sit back, relax, and enjoy a movie. Over 150 comfortable seats with footrests and counter space allow you to eat your meal while watching the film. For those who are looking for a more highbrow form of Salt Lake City entertainment, the Capitol Theatre hosts a number of plays, dance recitals and concerts.

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