Salt Lake City Restaurants

Salt Lake City restaurants range from simple fast-food eateries to more upscale establishments that are ideal for fine dining adventures. The downtown area is the best place to find restaurants, thanks largely in part to the Gateway Center. When a truly special meal is the aim, it doesn't hurt to see what the nearby mountain resorts have to offer. Some of the best fine dining restaurants in all of Utah can be found at mountain resorts such as Deer Valley, helping to justify a side trip to the highlands.

In general, the Salt Lake City restaurants are laid back and feature an atmosphere that is more casual than what you might expect at most big city restaurants. Bad service is rare at the top restaurants, and you should have little trouble getting something fast and filling even if you're just running out for some fast food or checking out one of the many Mexican eateries. Families will be happy to know that pizzerias are in good supply, and there are plenty of chain brand restaurants to choose from when you want something familiar. The Downtown Salt Lake City restaurants offer a lot in the way of variety, and it's worth noting that some of the best can be found at more upscale hotels such as the Grand America and the Hotel Monaco.

Downtown dining in Salt Lake City can be a pleasure, thanks to all of the wonderful options. Whether you have a taste for Mediterranean cuisine, a hankering for some good American fare, an urge to eat some Asian food, or the desire to indulge in virtually any other world cuisine, the Downtown Salt Lake City restaurants have you covered. There are more than a dozen restaurants at the Gateway, so you might start there on a downtown culinary adventure, and Gallivan Plaza is also home to a good collection of eateries should you be looking to do some quality downtown dining in Salt Lake City. Downtown Salt Lake City is compact and easy to get around, and since good restaurants can be found all over, you won't have to do a lot of work to find one between visits to places like Temple Square and the Salt Lake City Library.

When it comes to dining in Salt Lake City, no conversation would be complete without mentioning the Sunday brunches. Many locals and visitors alike choose to enjoy them, with the brunch at the Little America Hotel being the most renowned. The Little America brunch starts at 10 a.m. every Sunday morning and ends at 2 p.m. The atmosphere is casual, so you don't have to wear your Sunday best, and the assortment of foods is nothing short of impressive. One of the Salt Lake City restaurants also offers a Saturday brunch, so you don't have to wait until Sunday to indulge in a weekend food frenzy.

When visiting the Downtown Salt Lake City restaurants, you will be able to order alcoholic beverages if you please. On many occasions, waiters don't offer alcoholic beverages to seated diners, so you may have to inquire yourself should you fancy an adult drink before, during, or after your meal. Salt Lake City isn't a dry city in terms of alcohol, as some might expect due to its Mormon roots. A number of bars and brew pubs complement the city's restaurants, and the nightlife is more vibrant than ever.

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