Downtown Salt Lake City

Downtown Salt Lake City is where tourists tend to spend the bulk of their time, at least when they're not out visiting the mountain resorts and enjoying the Great Salt Lake. In addition to serving as a business district, Salt Lake City's downtown district also functions as an administrative center for the Mormon Church, and it is full of fantastic attractions that cater to a long list of interests. These attractions include excellent museums, fine performing arts venues, and attractive parks. This is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to things to do in Downtown Salt Lake City, and for those who want to stay close to the action, there are plenty of good hotels to consider within the downtown realms.

Downtown Salt Lake City is essentially defined as the area that is enclosed by North Temple Street to the north, 900 South Street to the South, 600 West Street to the West, and 500 East Street to the East. Anchoring the northeastern side is Temple Square, and for all intents and purposes, this is the heart of the downtown district, and the center of the Salt Lake City street grid. Many of the best Downtown Salt Lake City attractions can be found at the ten-acre complex that is Temple Square, and they include the Salt Lake Temple and the Mormon Tabernacle.

You can also find the Museum of Church History & Art at Temple Square, as well as the Family History Library and the Beehive House, to name a few other attractions of interest. The Beehive House, it should be noted, was built in 1854 and formerly served as the home for Brigham Young and his family. Temple Square has two visitors' centers, and for those who are interested, tours of various kinds can be arranged and are often available for free.

When looking for things to do in Downtown Salt Lake City, exploring Temple Square won't be the only option. Just a few blocks north of Temple Square and the downtown core is the 40-acre Capitol Hill District, and it can be worth exploring on the side. In Downtown Salt Lake City proper, the Gateway Center is another destination of choice, thanks in part to its numerous shops, restaurants, and attractions. The Gateway attractions include the wonderful Clark Planetarium and the Discover Gateway children's museum. For sports fans, the EnergySolutions Arena is right across the street, and it's where the NBA's Utah Jazz play their home basketball games.

When the EnergySolutions Arena isn't hosting professional basketball games, it often plays host to other events, such as big ticket concerts. Other downtown Salt Lake City attractions that cater to fans of the performing arts include the Capitol Theater and Abravanel Hall. The former is a historic landmark that was built in 1913, and today, it hosts ballet performances, Broadway-style theater productions, operas, and a variety of other performing arts events. As for Abravanel Hall, it serves as the home of the Utah Symphony as is known for its excellent acoustics.

The list of things to do in Downtown Salt Lake City is a long one, and it includes taking tours of various kinds. Many of the top rated Downtown Salt Lake City attractions can easily be enjoyed on a walking tour due to the city's compact nature, and you can also take a guided tour of Temple Square by itself or tour specific attractions such as the Beehive House. Salt Lake City has a rich and unique history that is interesting to learn about on these tours.

There are a number of enticing Downtown Salt Lake City hotels for those who want to stay near all the downtown district's excellent attractions, and they include upscale gems like the Grand America Hotel and the Peery Hotel. In addition to offering proximity to all the Downtown Salt Lake City attractions, the downtown hotels are less than ten miles from the airport and can even make for good bases for anyone who is hoping on visiting the nearby mountain resorts on the side.

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