Lambs Canyon Utah

Lambs Canyon Utah is a scenic canyon area that is noted for its fine summer weather and its overall beauty. You can find this highly-visited canyon just twelve miles east of Salt Lake City off Interstate 80, and the cooler summer temps are associated with the fact that its mouth sits at an altitude of around 6,300 feet above sea level. The other Wasatch Front canyons, such as Little Cottonwood Canyon, are found at lower altitudes.

Gorgeous mountain scenery characterizes the relatively rugged environs of Lambs Canyon Utah, and when visitors aren't taking it all in from the hiking trails, they are often doing so from car seats. Scenic drives through the canyon are popular and can be ideal alternatives to hiking if you are trying to save your energy for all the other fun things to do in the Salt Lake City area.

Lambs Canyon hiking is something that any and all outdoor enthusiasts will want to consider adding to the itinerary on a trip to Salt Lake City. In the summer, the cooler temperatures in the canyon are reason enough to venture up from the Salt Lake Valley for a hike, though you don't have to reserve your hiking to the summer months. Spring can also be a good time to explore Lambs Canyon Utah, thanks in part to the blooming wildflowers, and in the fall, the colorful autumn foliage puts a different spin on things.

The main Lambs Canyon hiking trail takes about two and a half hours to complete, and thanks to the hilly and mountainous terrain, it offers a relatively healthy challenge. That being said, most hikers should be able to handle it, as the trail is well groomed and the ascents are not especially steep. The best views of the surrounding mountains can be had from the top of the trail, which sits at altitude of around 8,100 feet above sea level, though you don't have to go all the way up to enjoy excellent views and have a good time.

Several trailheads can be found at Lambs Canyon Utah. As such, those who are interested in doing some Lambs Canyon hiking will have a few different options to choose from as far as routes are concerned. It is even possible to pick up trails that head to other area canyons in the general region if you are up for an extended hike. For visitors who prefer driving through the area while doing some sightseeing, Interstate 80 offers excellent access to the region. There is an exit off Interstate 80 for Lambs Canyon Road, and parking is available near the main trailhead should you get the urge to do some trekking. Rental cars are widely available in Salt Lake City if you are without a vehicle and want to enjoy a scenic drive or two during your getaway.

It is worth noting that Lambs Canyon cabins are available for those who are interested in finding a vacation rental in this scenic area just twelve miles from Downtown Salt Lake City. Some of the cabins are akin to homes in many ways, affording their owners and guests a relatively high level of comfort. Perhaps the best thing about the Lambs Canyon cabins, however, is their location in one of the most scenic parts of the Salt Lake City area. It's not hard to understand why more and more people are looking to buy lots and build their own cabins in the vicinity.

Whether you stay at one of the Lambs Canyon cabins or you opt instead to drop by for a day visit, the scenic beauty of the area and the relaxing appeal are bound to leave their mark. A stay at one of the cabins or a day visit can be ideal regardless of the time of year, with cross country skiing and snowshoeing replacing hiking as top pursuits during the winter season. There aren't any ski resorts in Lambs Canyon, though a number are within easy reach if the roads aren't completely snowed over.

Image: bgandy (flickr)
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