Salt Lake City Resorts

Salt Lake City Resorts are available in good number, and they figure among the most popular places to stay and play in all of Utah. There are no less than ten high-quality resorts in the Salt Lake City area, and most are less than 40 miles from the downtown district. The Salt Lake City canyon resorts figure among the most popular, thanks in part to their proximity to the city, but since there are so many others in the general region, it is worth considering all of the available options. Some of the best resorts close to Salt Lake City are relatively ritzy, while others offer a more affordable atmosphere. This basically means that finding one to suit your wants and needs should be easy.

The Salt Lake City canyon resorts include those resorts that can be found in the Little Cottonwood and Big Cottonwood canyons. Both of these canyons are less than twenty miles from the downtown area, and this lends to their popularity as places to enjoy some mountain fun. The two Salt Lake City resorts that can be found in Little Cottonwood Canyon include Alta and Snowbird, while those that are located within the realms of Big Cottonwood Canyon include Brighton and Solitude (pictured). As is true of the other resorts in the area, these Salt Lake City canyon resorts are prime places to go skiing in the winter months, with the bulk also being open to snowboarding. Alta is an example of a skier's-only resort, while neighboring Snowbird allows both skiers and snowboarders. For skiers, the option to access both of these resorts with a joint ticket is part of the allure of a Little Cottonwood Canyon visit. In the summer, these canyons offer some of the best hiking around.

For those who are interested in the Salt Lake City canyon resorts, a Big Cottonwood Canyon escape can be as tantalizing as a Little Cottonwood Canyon visit. The Brighton Resort in Big Cottonwood Canyon is one of the best resorts close to Salt Lake City in terms of affordability, while the nearby Solitude Resort gets a lot of attention for its attractive village atmosphere and its excellent ski school. Much like the other Salt Lake City resorts, Brighton and Solitude are extremely family friendly, with Solitude being an ideal place to learn how to ski or snowboard due in part to its wide range of beginner and intermediate slopes.

The best resorts close to Salt Lake City aren't limited to the canyon resorts. For those who are interested in a more upscale resort experience, venturing over to the nearby Park City area is recommended. The ultra-cool Sundance Ski Resort in is also not to be overlooked when resort activities such as skiing, hiking, and fishing are the aim.

The Park City resorts include the Park City Mountain Resort, Deer Valley, and The Canyons, all of which are quite upscale and offer a range of amenities and lodging. As for the Sundance Ski Resort, it can be found approximately 30 miles south of Park City and is known for spawning the Sundance Film Festival. Some of the top Utah events are or have been held in the Park City/Sundance area, and they include the annual film festival and the 2002 Winter Olympics. Park City serves as the epicenter for the Sundance Film Festival, and if you wish to visit while the famed festival is going on, it takes place in January.

These are the main Salt Lake City resorts, and should you wish to add to your list of choices, both Snowbasin and Powder Mountain are worth keeping on the radar. Both of these resorts can be found north of Salt Lake City near the city of Ogden and are fantastic places to go skiing. Snowbasin hosted a variety of big-mountain skiing events during the 2002 Winter Olympics, while Powder Mountain deserves recognition for its high-quality snow. As is true at the other regional resorts, the peak ski seasons at Snowbasin and Powder Mountain run from late-November to mid-April, with late June through late September serving as the prime period for summer fun.

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