Salt Lake City Canyons

Salt Lake City canyons are in good supply, and for those who are outdoor enthusiasts, they serve as verifiable playgrounds. To the near east of Salt Lake City, the Wasatch Mountains rise up, and this is where you will find the best canyons, all of which were formed by rivers. Thanks to these rivers, fishing and kayaking figure among the top things to do in the Salt Lake City Canyons, and when it comes to land-based activities, the list is a long one. Outdoor recreation is at the heart of many canyon visits in the Salt Lake City area, as there are a wealth of possibilities, including something as simple as enjoying a scenic drive through one of them.

Little Cottonwood Canyon is one of the most renowned canyons that can be found near Salt Lake City, and this has a lot to do with the fact that two of the best Utah resorts can be found there. These resorts include Alta and Snowbird, both of which are wonderful places to visit in both the summer and the winter. Between the resorts and the rest of Little Cottonwood Canyon, the kinds of activities that can be enjoyed include fishing, rock climbing, hiking, and mountain biking. In the winter months, skiing, snowboarding, and snowshoeing figure among the top things to do. As is true at the other Salt Lake City canyons, those who are looking to do some fishing usually have trout in mind, as this is the most prevalent fish.

Big Cottonwood Canyon is another popular place to go in the Salt Lake City area when some outdoor recreation is the aim. As is true of Little Cottonwood Canyon, this canyon can be found to the near southeast of Downtown Salt Lake City and is home to two high-quality resorts. Both the Brighton Resort and the Solitude Resort can satisfy the needs of all levels of skiers and snowboarders, and if you choose to visit the canyon in the summer, you can do plenty of fishing, biking, hiking, rock climbing, and picnicking. Doing some general sightseeing can also be a good way to spend some time in Big Cottonwood Canyon, thanks in part to the fact that there is an excellent scenic byway that slices through the canyon's lovely mountain terrain. It is worth noting that both the Little Cottonwood and the Big Cottonwood canyons offer camping opportunities, so you don't have to leave once the sun starts to set.

About five miles north of Big Cottonwood Canyon lies one of the other best canyons in the Salt Lake City area. Mill Creek Canyon is another popular recreation destination, especially for bikers. There are four main spots to access the mountain bike trails that wind through the canyon, and they can be accessed from the main road. Once on the trails, the dirt is smooth in most spots, though the considerable amount of inclines makes for what amounts to an intermediate level challenge. Since the biking trails at Mill Creek Canyon are popular, a certain amount of care should be exercised when riding as to avoid any collisions. When you're not biking, hiking, or enjoying other recreational activities at Mill Creek, you might visit one of the two restaurants that can be found there to fuel up or enjoy a relaxing break in the action.

Other Salt Lake City canyons that you might keep in mind when outdoor recreation is the main priority include Lamb's Canyon, Parleys Canyon, and Emigration Canyon. The mouth of the latter, it should be noted, opens onto the eastern part of the city where attractions such as This is the Place Heritage Park and the Hogle Zoo can be found.

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