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Salt Lake City shopping offers something for everyone, especially if you throw in the shops that can be found in Park City and the other nearby mountain resorts. The shops at the mountain resorts are especially ideal for recreational equipment, and often unique artwork and crafts. If you stay in Salt Lake City, stores that can be found downtown specialize in anything from books and Mormon handicrafts to home furnishings and clothing. Whatever you're looking for, the Salt Lake City stores and the stores in the mountain resorts have you covered, and thanks to various expansion projects, the options are only set to increase in the coming years.

When it comes to the best shopping in Salt Lake City, it depends on what you have in mind in terms of products and atmosphere. As far as the malls are concerned, none are more renowned than The Gateway, which is a downtown shopping and entertainment district par excellence. There are more than 100 shops and restaurants at The Gateway, and when visitors to this vibrant destination aren't shopping or dining, they might check out the Olympic Legacy Plaza or see what the Clark Planetarium has to offer. Discovery Gateway can also be found here, and this children's museum can be an excellent place for families to spend some time between shopping sprees. The large open-air mall and entertainment center that is The Gateway covers two blocks, and the various stores that can be found there specialize in all kinds of things, including sporting goods, toys, fine jewelry, and apparel for women, men, and children.

When the upscale City Creek Center near Temple Square is finished, it will join The Gateway as a top downtown Salt Lake City shopping destination. Both of these mixed-used developments are all about shopping and entertainment. During a downtown visit, those who are interested in the best shopping in Salt Lake City can also check out the unique shops that can be found in the 300 South and 300 East street areas when they're not making the rounds at The Gateway or the City Creek Center. The Salt Lake City stores in and around 300 South and 300 East streets offer a wide variety of items, with artwork, jewelry, and furniture figuring among the most common items for sale.

As far as the best shopping in Salt Lake City is concerned, no discussion would be complete without mentioning Trolley Square. Found due south of the downtown core at the corner of 700 East and 600 South streets, this renowned shopping and entertainment district can easily be paired with the downtown area's other top shopping destinations. The historic setting of Trolley Square lends to its attractiveness, and a variety of restaurants are in place to complement the mix of upscale shops. While shopping at Trolley Square, you can buy anything from oil paintings and chocolate to home furnishings and fine linens. It is worth noting that free walking tours can be enjoyed on a Trolley Square visit.

These are the best places to find Salt Lake City stores, at least as far as the downtown district is concerned. Serious shopping enthusiasts will also want to keep the nearby resorts in mind. The Park City Mountain resort is arguably the best resort for shopping, thanks in part to the Park City Center. This mall and entertainment center offers more than 160 specialty stores, and the dining options are almost as complete. The other resorts near town, including those that can be found in the area canyons, also offer some interesting shops. If nothing else, the convenience shops at the mountain resorts can come in handy if you need things such as sunscreen or batteries.

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