Mormon Tabernacle

The Mormon Tabernacle is a renowned Salt Lake City attraction that is known primarily for being the home of the famous Mormon Tabernacle Choir. This 3,500-seat venue in the heart of the Utah capital was finished back in 1867, and it hosted its first choir performance in 1873. In addition to boasting a beautiful oval design and an impressive domed roof, the Mormon Tabernacle features world-class acoustics that have helped to make it the renowned center that it is today. In fact, so good are the acoustics that you can hear a pin drop in the pulpit from the back of the hall some 170 feet away!

When the Tabernacle Choir isn't filling the Mormon Tabernacle with its pure sounds, the magnificent pipe organ often steals the show. This dynamic organ started out with 2,000 pipes. Over time, it has been rebuilt on several occasions, bringing the pipe count up to more than 11,000. Few organs in the world are of higher quality, and you can listen to the sweet and impressive sounds should you visit the Mormon Tabernacle when organ recitals are going on. These recitals can be enjoyed year round for free and are held at noon Monday through Saturday, and at 2 p.m. on Sundays. As for the Mormon Tabernacle Choir performances, you can attend one of the Thursday evening practices or hope to get a seat for the famous Sunday morning shows. The Sunday morning shows, which are big time Salt Lake City events, start at 9:30 a.m. and end at 10 a.m. and are also free. While the Tabernacle is the traditional place to see this famous choir, during popular summer months and Christmas season, when there are large crowds to see the concerts, the choir performs at the nearby Conference Center.

The Salt Lake City Tabernacle, as this acoustically ideal venue is also known, can be found on Temple Square, which is the main square in town. Guided tours of Temple Square are extremely popular, and they include a stop at the Mormon Tabernacle. On a Mormon Tabernacle tour, you will have the chance to stand at the back of the hall while someone drops a pin in the pulpit, and this is arguably the main highlight. Learning about the famous organ and the building's construction is also part of the deal. Should you wish to enjoy a Mormon Tabernacle tour during your trip to Temple Square, they are offered on an almost daily basis, and can always be a part of a general Temple Square tour. Temple Square tours are available for free from missionaries who can be found throughout the Square.

The Salt Lake City Tabernacle is a true architectural wonder, and thanks to its location across from the Salt Lake Temple, it isn't hard to find. A number of other top-rated Salt Lake City attractions, such as the Temple and the Family History Library, can be found near the venue, so you can pair a Mormon Tabernacle tour with any other number of rewarding pursuits while in the immediate area.

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