Salt Lake City Vacation Rentals

Salt Lake City vacation rentals offer the perfect lodging complement to the area hotels, and since they come in all shapes and sizes, you should have little trouble finding the right one. For some, a downtown condo will be ideal, while others will have a larger area home in mind. You can also rent a cabin in the woods if you please, with the simpler cabins figuring among the most affordable rental properties in the region. Most of the Salt Lake City vacation apartments, homes, and cabins are relatively affordable, partly because of the increase in options that the 2002 Winter Olympics created, so you might be surprised at how far your money can go.

For families and other groups, the Salt Lake City vacation homes can be ideal places to stay. As you might imagine, the bulk of the rental homes in the area can be found near the ski slopes, with ritzier resorts such as Deer Valley being home to some of the most impressive. Most of the Salt Lake City vacation homes are relatively luxurious, and in addition to offering lots of space, they also tend to offer an array of welcoming amenities. These amenities usually include cable TV, a DVD player, a stereo, a full kitchen, private laundry facilities, and Internet access. More often than not, the Salt Lake City vacation homes also come equipped with hot tubs that can be enjoyed at any time of year.

Many Salt Lake City vacation apartments and condos can also be found near the ski slopes, with less ritzy resorts like Brighton being home to some of the most affordable options. It is also possible to find Salt Lake City vacation rentals of the condo or apartment variety in the downtown district, with the vibrant shopping and entertainment area that is The Gateway being home to the most abundant options. The Salt Lake City vacation apartments and condos usually have amenities that are similar to those that you can expect to enjoy in the rental homes, and as far as size is concerned, most offer one, two, or three bedrooms.

Should you be interested in Salt Lake City vacation homes that are close to downtown attractions such as the Clark Planetarium, there are some options worth considering. A four-bedroom home near the University of Utah and the downtown district, for example, can make a great place to stay for any number of reasons. From the downtown area, it is only about a fifteen-minute drive to the airport, and the area canyons and ski resorts generally only take about 30 minutes to reach by car. As for renting a cabin instead of a house, the area campgrounds are good places to look.

There are lots of good hotel and resort rooms to choose from in Salt Lake City, with the bed and breakfasts offering some of the most charming guest units, but since the vacation rentals tend to feature comparable rates, you might opt instead to book a more spacious condo, apartment, or home. Some of the Salt Lake City vacation rentals are quite luxurious and cater to those who want to enjoy a truly spectacular home-away-from-home experience, though you might find that a cheaper rental that is relatively well-equipped with be just fine.

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