Salt Lake City Vacations

Salt Lake City vacations can revolve around any number of pursuits, including the fabulous skiing located within minutes of the city. There's much more to Salt Lake City than skiing, however. Thanks to the fact that affordable lodging is easy to find here, a vacation to this area can be an economical way to enjoy the local shopping and outdoor pursuits. A number of Salt Lake City vacation packages exist to only make a visit that much more tempting, and while winter and summer are the peak seasons, fall and spring visits can also be very rewarding.

For those who are planning on taking their Salt Lake City vacations in the winter, skiing, snowboarding, and snowshoeing figure among the top activities. The ski season runs roughly from December to April, though it can extend into June at some resorts, thanks to the high altitudes. As far as destinations are concerned, some of the best ski resorts in the country are less than an hour's drive from the city, and they offer all kinds of lodging options, including some very tempting vacation rentals. Many Salt Lake City vacation packages cater to skiers and snowboarders, and at the very least, they include lift tickets and lodging.

Golfing is one of the other top things to do in Salt Lake City. If you stick to the courses that are down in the valley, you can tee it up at least ten months out of the year on average. There are a number of good municipal golf courses in and around town for those who are interested in cheap vacations to Salt Lake City. Every now and again, you might splurge on one of the more magnificent courses, such as the delightful Wingpointe Golf Course near the airport. There aren't tons of Salt Lake City vacation packages that cater exclusively to golfers, though you can always consider buying a Golf Salt Lake Super Pass if you want to secure some deals on tee times. This pass offers discounted rates on rounds, some complimentary time on the range, and the option to book rounds at participating courses well in advance of the usual time frame.

Skiing and golfing are just two of the activities that Salt Lake City vacations can revolve around, with others including hiking, mountain biking, and mountain climbing. The mountains near Salt Lake City provide scenic hiking and biking trails, and they are excellent places to work on mountain climbing skills. Guided hiking, biking, and climbing tours can be arranged, and since there are a bunch of inviting area campgrounds, you can stay close to nature during the full length of your visit. Venturing downtown at some point is recommended, however, thanks in part to the many great downtown attractions from Temple Square to great shopping centers.

Regardless of what you have in mind for your Salt Lake City trip, it will be relatively easy to stay on top of your travel budget. Cheap vacations to Salt Lake City can be enjoyed year round, thanks largely in part to the reasonable prices found throughout this area of the country. The Salt Lake City vacation packages tend to offer deals on everything that they include, such as flights and rental cars, and the more complete ones can include everything from a romantic dinner for two to a city bus tour. Those planning cheap vacations to Salt Lake City should be happy to know that motels and cheap hotels are in good supply, and should you prefer a more upscale lodging experience, most of the mid-price and upscale hotels will extend a deal to those who inquire.

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