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Salt Lake City tourism revolves around many different attractions and activities, and since there is no shortage of things to do during all four seasons, there is never really a bad time to visit. For some, winter is the best time to go to Salt Lake City, thanks the area's skiing prowess. Though since the ski season runs into the spring, and sometimes even the summer at some places, you might opt to hit the slopes later in the year. When it's not ski season in northern Utah, any other number of outdoor pursuits can be added to the itinerary, and the Great Salt Lake is always worth a visit, regardless of the time of year.

Salt Lake City travel offers something for every season, and there are a few things that you will want to consider when planning a trip. Weather is one of them. Salt Lake City experiences all four seasons, though it is important to note that it can get cold in the mountains at any time, especially at night. Down in the valley, the temperatures can sometimes get around the 100 degree Fahrenheit mark on some occasions, though the average summer highs are in the high 80s and low 90s. In the winter, highs in the 30s and 40s are standard in the valley, with the mountain cities and resorts seeing even colder temperatures on average. Plenty of snow usually blankets the Salt Lake City area during the winter months. As such, if you're not into skiing and other winter sports, you might see what Salt Lake City tourism has to offer during the other seasons.

Summer is arguably the best time to go to Salt Lake City if you want to do some hiking or mountain climbing, though fall and spring can also be good seasons for such pursuits, especially if you prefer cooler weather. Camping is again best done in the summer, with late spring and early fall also being good times to visit the area campgrounds. Winter camping is also possible at some campgrounds, though it's not nearly as popular as camping during the other seasons. As far as rain is concerned, May and June are typically the driest months, lending to good hiking and climbing conditions, with the other months seeing no more than three rainy days on average. Utah has a desert climate, so rain isn't generally something that you will need to worry about when making your Salt Lake City travel plans.

Outdoor pursuits such as skiing and hiking are largely the focus when it comes to Salt Lake City tourism, but they aren't the only things that draw tourists in. This western capital city is full of great attractions, including the LDS Temple and the Clark Planetarium, and they can be enjoyed year round. Complementing the numerous attractions are a number of festivals and other events, and they can only add extra depth to a visit.

For movie buffs, January might just be the best time to go to Salt Lake City, as this is when the renowned Sundance Film Festival is held at various destinations in the area. Other popular events bring in sports enthusiasts, who can hope to add a professional NBA game to their Salt Lake City travel plans, and performing arts fans won't be limited when it comes to options. The Utah Jazz play their home basketball games at the EnergySolutions Arena during the fall, winter, and spring seasons, and venues such as the historic Capitol Theater and Abravanel Hall host plays, operas, ballets, and other performing arts events throughout the year.

There is something for everyone when it comes to Salt Lake City tourism, and whether you choose to visit in the winter, the spring, the summer, or the fall, there will be no shortage of ways to stay busy. Numerous hotels and vacation rentals stand poised to provide enticing places to stay whenever you decide to plan your Salt Lake City vacation, and once you get to town, the ample transportation options will making getting around a breeze. The best time to go to Salt Lake City is any time, when it comes down to it, and repeat visits might be order if you want to experience everything that the region has to offer.

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