Snow Basin Ski Resort

Snow Basin Ski Resort has been one of the most popular destinations for winter sports enthusiasts in Utah since 1940. It is located a mere 45 miles from Salt Lake City and also enjoys easy access to the Park City area. The Snowbasin Ski area itself is situated along the majestic Mount Allen ridge line in the Wasatch-Cache National Forest. Visitors of this picturesque mountain resort will enjoy breathtaking views of Taylor Canyon, the Great Salt Lake, and downtown Ogden. Snowbasin Utah is a place where you can delight in the wonder of nature year round. There are activities for all seasons. Months after the snowboarders and skiers have hung up their gear for the season, mountain bikers and hikers are out in droves to experience the over 25 miles of terrain on the resort premises.

But for all of the great food and summer activities and attractions available at the Snowbasin Ski Area, it is the winter sports, particularly skiing and snowboarding, that have given this resort over 60 years of staying power. The first thing adventurous skiers and boarders might notice is that the top elevation of the Snow Basin Ski Resort is over 9,300 feet with an awesome vertical rise of nearly 3,000 feet. This area of Utah gets around 400 inches of snow every year, so you will not have to worry about plenty of fluffy deep snow. And there are also plenty of well-groomed and manicured runs for the beginners and intermediates. The black diamond ski runs, which comprise 30 percent of all the trails at Snowbasin Utah, are no joke. The high vertical rise and challenging alpine trails make for some exciting days (and nights) for boarders and skiers of a certain skill level. Half of the trails are designated for intermediate riders, and the remaining 20 percent are for beginners. You can take lessons right at the Snowbasin Ski Area so you can get the most out of the 113 trails spread out over 3,000 acres at the resort.

Although there is no Snowbasin Utah lodging actually in the resort, there are a range of options, from inns and lodges, to hotels and bed and breakfasts in the likes of Ogden and Huntsville. On the other hand, the Snow Basin Ski Resort has all of your bases covered when it comes to dining, including a laid back outdoor eatery that really picks up in the spring and summer months, and another restaurant with spectacular views from below the summit of Snowbasin Utah, at 8,710 feet. There are also a couple of very nice places to catch a casual snack or a drink.

This is easily one of the top 10 ski resorts in Utah, and many would argue that it could be ranked near the very top. Its picturesque location, ideal conditions for all seasons, and proximity to a nearby airport make Snowbasin a perfect choice for many people looking to book a ski vacation.

Image: Snowbasin, A Sun Valley Resort
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