Three Sisters Monument Valley

The Three Sisters Monument Valley rock formation is one of the most iconic landmarks of the American Southwest. It is also one of the most highly-photographed. Three thin pinnacles combine to make up the formation. They are all that is left of a narrow ridge that was connected to Mitchell Mesa. The silhouette of the spires against the desert sky is nothing short of spectacular.

Over time, the ridge that the Three Sisters spires were originally part of was worn away through erosion. The adjacent ridge offers insight into what this eroded ridge must have looked like before weather took its toll. The views are spectacular all around, and as a result, they are something that many people look to savor while driving along the Monument Valley Road. A special viewpoint along the road is dedicated to the Three Sisters, and you might be interested to know that not far from said viewpoint is another popular viewpoint that is not to be missed. This other viewpoint is known as John Ford’s Point.

These certainly aren’t the only viewpoints that deserve attention while driving along the Monument Valley Road. Just one more example is Artist’s Point. As for places to stay when visiting the area, it is hard to top the View Hotel or the Goulding Lodge. Both of these hotels enjoy excellent Monument Valley locations and can help their guests make the most of their visits to the region.

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