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Utah is a stunningly beautiful state. Take a scenic drive there and you will see everything from soaring alpine mountains to desert expanses where canyons and sandstone outcroppings dot the horizon. Much like its western neighbor, Nevada, Utah sometimes gives you the feeling that you have left this world for another planet. Millions of people visit Utah every year, which means that more and more choices for Utah hotels keep springing up. But, not to worry about over-development. This 12th largest state has plenty of open spaces where you can lose yourself. As for the Utah hotels, you will find a full selection in this popular travel state. From the mountain resorts to the budget hotels in Utah, finding the right accommodations for your vacation is a breeze. When searching for Utah hotels, be sure to check for vacation packages that offer discount Utah lodging as part of their overall deal.

Salt Lake City is both the capital of Utah and the state's largest city. If you are flying into Utah, this is the place you will likely arrive, and even if you are driving to Utah, it is worth a diversion. It is here that you will find the Great Salt Lake, which, yes, you can float in. Salt Lake City has numerous art galleries, interesting restaurants and plenty of interesting festivals and events. For a good look at some impressive architecture, consider a visit to the City and County Building, and learn about the city with a historic walking tour. The surrounding state parks and mountainous reaches provide a myriad of outdoor recreation possibilities. If you are wondering about the hotels in Salt Lake City, you will be happy to know that they provide some very interesting choices. You can find budget-oriented hotels in Salt Lake City, as well as a good amount of upscale establishments. If you are coming in the winter, you might pick one of the hotels in Salt Lake City that provide free shuttle service to the mountains. However, if you want to stay in the mountains and enjoy a nice resort setting, then nearby Park City is a top consideration. Simply put, the Park City Mountain Resort is one of the best you'll find in the country, if not the world One of the best things about Park City, the town, is the accommodating choices for Park City hotels, which offer plenty of affordable options, as well as upscale sorts. For added elegance, you might look to book your stay in the ritzy Deer Valley resort.

Just south of Salt Lake City, you can find the cities of Orem and Provo. Provo is the larger of the two, and it is home to Brigham Young University. Top attractions here include the Provo Canyon Scenic Byway and the Provo Utah Temple. When the weather is warm, you might head to the Cascade Springs to wander around the clear pools. There are an ample supply of Provo UT hotels to choose from, partly due to the presence of the university. Picking the right Provo UT hotels is made easy as there are interesting selections in the different parts of town. Among the choices for original Provo UT hotels is Robert Redford's Sundance Hotel and Resort. Provo is sometimes referred to as the "Garden City of Utah", much in part because of the orchards in Orem. Both Orem and Provo are near the shores of Utah Lake, where you can find plenty of outdoor fun. The bulk of Orem hotels are of the chain variety, and you will find some great options here for budget hotels in Utah. If you head north of Salt Lake City, you might stop for a stay in the nearby city of Ogden. Ogden is where you will find Snowbasin Ski Resort, which hosted the 2002 Olympic Alpine Ski Events. An interesting attraction in Ogden, other than the stunning scenery, is the Golden Spike National Historic Site. Ogden is an outdoorperson's dream, and its western-style main street is definitely a great place to dine and hangout. The Ogden hotels will not prove scarce, meaning you can usually find a room comparable to your price without issue. North of Ogden, the small city of Logan is another northern town you might want to hit, as this city is full of attractions, energy, stunning vistas, and some affordable Utah hotels.

In the southeast quadrant of Utah, one of the state's most impressive and mesmerizing landscapes is found in and around Moab. Outdoor pursuits like hiking and mountain biking are popular in this canyon-rich area, and for some refreshing thrills, you might try rafting the Green River. The Moab hotels suit most tastes and budgets, meaning that even if you are on a tight budget, you can make a trip to this majestic part of the state and find a good room waiting for you. On the other side of southern Utah, three cities that are often visited are Kanab, St. George, and Cedar City. These towns are all close to Zion National Park and Bryce Canyon National Park. Cedar City is sometimes referred to as "Festival City USA", and it is home to Southern Utah University, which helps to make for a good selection of Cedar City hotels. Not far south of Cedar City, St. George is where you will find one of the more beautiful Mormon temples. St. George has a bunch of good golf courses to choose from, and you will find the Coyote Inn to be among the finest St. George hotels. Kanab is a great town to shack up in, and the Kanab hotels present some great options for budget hotels in Utah. If you want to stay on the fringes of Zion National Park, you might look into the Springdale hotels. Wherever you go in Utah, the Utah hotels will be waiting to put you up for the night. You can find discount Utah lodging with various online deals and packages, so if you are thinking of visiting the Beehive State, be sure to check for hotel deals.

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