Utah Mountain Biking

A Utah mountain biking vacation will stay in your memory forever. You can choose between wide open desert rides with intriguing red rock vistas or lush green Utah Mountain biking trails that are ornamented with bucolic wild flowers. Because of Moab’s renowned Slickrock Trail, mountain biking in Utah has developed a world class reputation. Alpine mountain biking in Utah is becoming an extremely popular sport. Some of the ski resorts even offer lift-serviced mountain biking. Let’s take a cyber-ride!

Lift-Serviced Mountain Biking in Utah: If you love Deer Valley for winter skiing, you will adore it for Utah mountain biking. Mountain Bike Action Magazine rated Deer Valley as one of the 10 Best Mountain Biking Destinations. The lift-serviced access at Deer Valley offers over 50 miles of breathtakingly beautiful single and double track trails. At Park City Mountain Resort, there are over 32 miles of Utah Mountain biking trails that meander through weathered mine buildings and historic relics. The resort’s Spiro Trail is one of the most popular mountain bike trails in Utah. At the Canyons Resort, you can take the gondola to the mountain summit. For a historic Utah mountain biking experience, try the Rail Trail. This trail was the result of a nationwide project that helps convert abandoned rail lines into recreational purposes. It travels through the Park City historic district as well as some nearby farming communities.

Albion Basin Mountain Biking Trails in Utah: In the summer time, snowboarders are allowed at Alta-provided that they are on their mountain bikes! The Albion Basin at Alta, which in the winter is their beginner ski area, would be one of the easiest mountain bike trails in Utah- if it were not for its trail elevation of 9,000 feet. If you are coming from sea level, you might think that the beauty of this magnificent alpine sanctuary is literally taking your breath away. However, the altitude has a lot to do with the feeling of being out of breath. Take a few days to acclimate before attempting this trail.

Moab Utah Mountain Biking: The Slickrock Trail is not just one of the most popular mountain bike trails in Utah. It is probably the most popular biking trail in the world. Here’s some Slickrock Mountain biking Utah trivia: The Slickrock Bike Trail was first developed by motorcyclists in 1969. Although they still use it periodically, the mountain bikers have long since dominated the trail. The word "slickrock" was derived from early settlers who discovered that the barren rock was far too slick for the metal-shoes of their horses. Fortunately for mountain bikers, the opposite is true. Sections of the Slickrock Trail named "Faith in Friction," "Steep Creep," and "Baby Bottom Bowl" give insight to the trail's challenging demeanor. If you are highly skilled at mountain biking, and have impressive aerobic endurance, plan your mountain biking Utah vacation for October, so that you can participate in the 24 hours of Moab event.

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