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Utah rafting trips offer exciting white water rafting experience to beginner and intermediate adventure-seekers. Utah's magnificent rivers provide the most exhilarating white water rafting experience. Both the Colorado River and the Green River offer great Utah white water rafting trips to youth groups and families. Both have plenty of calm, relaxing and thrilling rapids for everybody.

Green River has some of the calmest and scenic spots to enjoy a great family rafting trip. The Green River Daily section in eastern Utah offers an excellent one-day rafting trip to youth groups and families. It is generally known for its Class II rapid, which is considered safe for those who are new to rafting. Other rafting spots in Green River with Class I and Class II rapids include Stillwater Canyon, Split Mountain and Labyrinth Canyon. Split Mountain can be a perfect rafting section for those who are looking for short Utah rafting trips. With Class II and III rapids, Split Mountain is ideal for families with kids. Most outfitters and rafting companies offer packages that include a trip to the Dinosaur National Monument along with the rafting trip.

Labyrinth and Stillwater Canyons offer one day or multiple-day Utah rafting trips through the calm waters and scenic nature. Both are famous for their geological wonders, wildlife and prehistoric interests. Labyrinth Canyon is quite popular for its ancient petroglyphs, natural geysers and towering cliffs. If you are planning to make a rafting trip to the Stillwater and Labyrinth Canyons, then you should opt for a three- to five-day trip to see the scenic canyons and historic and geological wonders.

Colorado River boasts many rapids as well, but most of them are suitable for intermediate rafters. Popular rafting spots like Cataract, Grand Canyon and Westwater have Class III and Class IV rapids. Only Fisher Towers is the best Utah rafting spot for youth groups and families. Westwater Canyon is generally chosen for multi-trips, as it allows rafters some time to hike the remote canyons and sightseeing. There are some superb river beaches considered excellent camping grounds for weary rafters. Advanced rafters planning for a Cataract Canyon whitewater river rafting trip along the Colorado River will find many opportunities to catch a glimpse of scenery and natural history. Family trips are generally not considered a safe option, though people can opt for an outfitter or an expert rafting company guide to ride the thrilling rapids of Cataract.

Advanced rafters looking for an exhilarating Utah rafting experience should plan their launch at the Grand Canyon whitewater section. With more than 100 rapids, including thrilling Class IVs and Vs, Grand Canyon is considered the Mecca for intermediate to advanced rafters, stretching for 250 miles, from Lees Ferry to Lake Mead, this rafting section is further divided into two sections: Upper Grand Canyon and Lower Grand Canyon. The Lower section has huge rapids, including the famous Lava Falls and Crystal Falls. The Upper section has 19 rapids and offers scenic and historic glimpses of Native American ruins and side Canyons. If you are planning for an adventurous, exhilarating, yet risky Utah white water rafting trip, then you should choose the Grand Canyon. However, make sure you seek the services of a professional guide to ride the huge rapids.

The best season to plan a Utah rafting trip during the months of March and May, where the water is cooler and the temperature just okay for a splendid river trip. However, you should consult with your outfitter regarding the best seasons to go for a splendid Utah white water rafting trip.

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