World of Speed

World of Speed 2022 is one of the coolest speed-driven events in the US and one of the top Utah Salt Flat racing events. It is held over four days in mid-September and features some of the fastest racing of all kinds of vehicles that you will see anywhere.

World of Speed Facts and History

The great Bonneville Salt Flats provide some of the best conditions for setting land speed records. Other locales perfect for this include Black Rock Desert (also a dry lake bed) in Nevada and home to the famed Burning Man Festival; El Mirage (another dry lake bed) in the Mojave Desert of California; Lake Gairdner in Australia; the famed Texas Mile, run on an unused runway about 50 miles north of Corpus Christi; and the LTA Maine Event in Aroostook County of Maine. It was in 1896 that this area was first recognized as a perfect place for land speed trials. Since then, just about every land speed record (including has been set here.

You do need to be aware of and prepared for the environment and conditions. This is not a spectator sport for everyone. The weather can be harsh; so can the salt underfoot and the sun overhead. Bring some sort of shade shelter like a beach umbrella, lawn chairs, and drinking water. Wear a wide-brimmed hat, and bring sunshade. There are portable toilets, as well as vendors serving food and beverages. If you've decided to come at another time of year, there may not be any facilities at all. Check before you set off into the desert. Becoming a participant in one of the events is fairly straightforward—you have to have a vehicle proven to be capable of reaching and maintaining a certain minimum speed. There are motorcycle races, car races, and even the fastest barstool race. Don't turn your nose up at this World of Speed event—the fastest barstools have been clocked at more than 70 miles per hour!

Directions to World of Speed

The Bonneville Salt Flats are located about 100 miles west of the Utah capital of Salt Lake City, just off Interstate 80. Take Exit 4, the last exit before or first exit after the Nevada state line. You will find a BLM (Bureau of Land Management) sign about four miles north of the exit. You can park here or drive out onto the flats. If you're in a rental car, you will probably have been told that driving the vehicle onto the salt is not allowed as it is not good for the car.

World of Speed Tickets

The World of Speed 2022 charges a nominal fee to get to the course viewing areas. No reservations or advance purchase tickets are required. (If you're a racer, you must pre-register.)

World of Speed Lodging

The Salt Flats are administered by the Bureau of Land Management. Camping is forbidden, and all World of Speed, and Bonneville Salt Flats Speed Week spectators and participants must be out by dusk. There are camping areas outside of the flats, and the nearest hotels will be found in the town of Wendover, which is about ten miles away. Wendover sprawls across the border into Nevada, and there a number of casino and hotel resorts on the Nevada side of the border. The Wendover Nugget Hotel & Casino sits right on the border at 101 Wendover Boulevard. It boasts more than 500 spacious rooms and suites, restaurants and bars, and large swimming pool. Take the exit on the Utah side of the border.

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