Vermont is one of the most idyllic states, and in many ways, Vermont vacations provide glimpses at America as it once was: predominantly rural, based around small-town life, and devoid of highway billboards. Vermont has a proud history of rugged individualism that is still reflected in its landscape and attitude. It is a land of rolling hills, soaring mountains, and lush valleys, where every turn can take you to a postcard-quality view.

For a great outdoors family vacation Vermont is second to none. Many people take Vermont vacations to enjoy the great skiing and snowboarding resorts: Killington, Stowe, Okemo, and others. The towns around these resorts have become destinations themselves, with thriving nightlife, exciting events, and top-class accommodations.

Others may take New England vacations to see the fall foliage or to enjoy hiking along the Long Trail and Appalachian Trail as they run through the Vermont mountains. Outdoor activities like canoeing, mountain biking, golf, fishing, and hunting are also popular. You won’t be short of things to do whenever you visit the Green Mountain state. There are many quality bed and breakfasts and inns to bring comfort and ease to your Vermont travel after a hard day on the slopes or climbing a mountain.

The phrase "Made in Vermont" has become synonymous with quality. Vermont vacations are incomplete without a shopping trip to a local vendor for some tasty homemade cheese or maple syrup. The most famous "Made in Vermont" product is undoubtedly Ben and Jerry’s ice cream and your Vermont travel should be sure to include a visit the Ben and Jerry’s factory in northern Vermont or the company’s first store in Burlington.

As the state’s largest city, easily accessible by highway, rail, or airlines, Burlington is a great place to begin a family vacation Vermont. Situated on beautiful Lake Champlain, Burlington is a small but happening city, with quality restaurants, good shopping at the Church Street Marketplace, cultural events, and museums celebrating the history of Vermont.

But people don’t usually take New England vacations just to stay in a city, even one as intimate and unusual as Burlington. When you visit Vermont travel to some of the quaint small towns. These quiet villages seem to have missed the last 50 years: the stores are still locally owned and seeing children playing in a town square overlooked by a elegant New England church steeple is a common sight. Even Montpelier, Vermont’s state capital, retains the friendly, small town feel that makes Vermont travel so satisfying and enjoyable.

Today, many Vermont residents are non-natives who visited the state on Vermont vacations and fell in love with it. Staying in a vacation rental for a summer, or even just a week or two, can make your family vacation Vermont one to remember. Beware though, many people have become so enchanted with the state’s charms that their Vermont vacations have turned in Vermont lives.

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