Burlington Vermont Events

Burlington Vermont events are happening throughout the year, from the Christmas and Winter Festivals to the Dragon Boat and Vermont Brewers Festivals in the summer to Halloween Parade and Festival in the autumn.

Summertime presents a plethora of celebrations throughout the state, including the very popular Vermont Brewers Festival that takes place in July each year. Dozens of brews from Vermont, the States, and Canada gather here to be sampled by visitors and beer lovers; designated drivers and non-drinkers receive a hand stamp upon entry and will not be allowed to taste any alcoholic beverages.

The Lake Champlain Dragon Boat Festival is organized by a non-profit organization in an effort to raise funding for various causes, such as support for cancer patients and survivors. Long boats with dragon heads at the front, manned by 20 paddlers and a drummer, according to the original tradition, race over the lake in various heats in an effort to win the selection of cups, granite, pewter, bronze, and silver. At the end of the races, the boats are tied together to participate in the Flower Ceremony. In addition to the all day affair of boat races, the Waterfront Park, where the festival takes place, is filled with music, entertainment, and delicious food.

One of the most admired seasons in Vermont is the autumn for the vibrant colors that cover the landscape, and many visitors enjoy the local Vermont foliage via driving tours, which abound throughout the state; the most popular of the Vermont foliage tours are along Route 100 and Interstate 91. Using a Vermont foliage map and becoming acquainted with the desired vacation experience are both essential and advantageous to selecting the perfect time for your vacation.

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