Mad River Glen

Mad River Glen is one of the most renowned ski resorts in all of New England. Opened in 1948, the relatively small Mad River Glen Ski Area hasn't changed much over the years. In the early days, a single chairlift with single-person seats was all that was used to get skiers to the top of the mountain at this Vermont ski resort. This chairlift is still in place and is among only two of its kind left in the country. A few other lifts have been put in place to get skiers where they need to go over the years, though none of these lifts are of the high-speed variety. This is a ski resort that strives to maintain its classic New England style. It also strives to deliver a challenging experience. In fact, Mad River Glen is among the most challenging ski resorts in the eastern United States.

The Mad River Glen Ski Area is found in northern Vermont near the capital city of Montpelier. Bordering the resort is the larger Sugarbush Resort, and Burlington isn't far off either. The beautiful Green Mountains are the setting for Mad River Glen Vermont. These mountains are heavily forested, and this has everything to do with the fact that Mad River Glen is known for its awesome tree skiing. Challenging runs with varying terrain are also things that the resort is known for. Some of the trails are groomed, though many are left in their natural state. The black diamond runs, which are better left to advanced skiers, offer the most variety. Rocks, tree stumps, and logs provide some excellent jumping opportunities on the more difficult runs.

The bulk of the most challenging runs at the Mad River Glen Ski Area begin just off the single chairlift. You can also hike out of view of the chair lift to access the Paradise Trail, which might just be the most difficult trail at the resort. Plenty of steep runs cater to the more skilled crowd, and thanks in part to the challenging conditions, locals tend to be very good skiers. Beginning skiers shouldn't fret when visiting Mad River Glen, however, as there are some easier trails that cater to them. There are also some good intermediate trails for mid-level skiers. Unfortunately for snowboarders, snowboarding is prohibited on the 45 different trails at Mad River Glen Vermont. This is a relatively rare thing these days. In fact, only three ski areas in the entire United States prohibit snowboarding. The other two are Deer Valley and Alta, both of which are found in Utah.

When driving in the Mad River Glen area, you are likely to notice many a bumper sticker that reads "Ski It If You Can." This is Mad River Glen's slogan, and the fact that so many area residents choose to display it on their vehicles is a reflection of just how popular the resort is. There aren't a lot of frills at the Mad River Glen Ski Area. The focus is almost entirely on the skiing, and it's not hard to understand why. The neighboring Sugarbush area is full of restaurants, shops, and lodging options if that's what you're after while in the region. Back at Mad River Glen, you won't find much more than a modest day lodge.

Vermont is full of inviting bed and breakfasts, and should you be planning a ski trip to the Mad River Glen Ski Area, there are some dandies in the area. The most attractive B&Bs in the area offer traditional country appeal that fall in line perfectly with the resort's traditional appeal. Many of the area B&Bs offer great lodging packages that include lift tickets, and chances are good that you will find that rates across the board are more than reasonable.

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