Vermont Shopping

The phrase "Made in Vermont" has become synonymous with quality. New England vacations are incomplete without a Vermont shopping trip for some tasty homemade cheese or maple syrup.

Many sugarhouses and dairy farms open their doors to buyers for their fresh local produce. Small-town stores will also carry maple syrup, cheese, chocolate, apples, and other foods from local producers. Vermont shopping has also extended beyond food products: antiques, wood toys and carvings, and home-stitched quilts are some of the items for sale in many roadside stores throughout the state.

In Burlington Vermont shopping has more of a big-town flavor. The center for Burlington Vermont shopping is the Church Street Marketplace, a four-block pedestrian mall not far from the waterfront. There are still many local stores, crafts stores, and used bookstores, but the marketplace now includes stores by Banana Republic, Old Navy, Borders, and others. Colorful street vendors ensure this pedestrian strip remains a unique Burlington Vermont shopping experience.

For more Burlington Vermont shopping head to Burlington Town Center, and indoor shopping center, featuring Coldwater Creek, Ann Taylor Loft, J. Crew, Abercrombie & Fitch, Caché, Williams-Sonoma, Pottery Barn, and many more stores.

You won’t find any big name stores in Stowe Vermont. Instead Stowe Vermont shopping features 30 family-run stores mixed with hotels, restaurants, and coffee houses. In Stowe Vermont shopping is an intimate affair, with local shopkeepers with a tangible pride in their stores who are sure to appreciate your patronage. In addition to the stores selling apparel to use at the Stowe ski resort, Stowe Vermont shopping outlets feature crafts and foods from Vermont producers.

The most popular town for Vermont shopping is probably Manchester Vermont. Manchester center found in town contains more Vermont shopping outlets than anywhere else in the state. Be sure to check out the Orvis Company’s stores, one of the quintessential Vermont shopping outlets by the homegrown outdoors supply company. Manchester center also contains Vermont shopping outlets from leading fashion retailers: Calvin Kline, Ralph Lauren, and Georgio Armani, among others.

With the Vermont shopping outlets at Manchester, Vermont shopping has the full range of stores, from the street merchants on Burlington’s Church Street, to the mom-and-pop stores sprinkled in small-towns around the state, to the haute couture outlets at Manchester center.

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