Vermont Car Rentals

Vermont is a small state and a short drive from anywhere in the northeastern United States, but if you are coming from further away you will want to look into a Vermont car rental. Vermont is accessible by train, airlines, and ferry, but because most of the best sights are in fairly rural areas having a Vermont car rental will allow you to explore all the state has to offer.

For car rentals Vermont the best place to look is Burlington International Airport. Most major rental companies provide Vermont car rental from this location. Other car rentals Vermont has to offer can be found in the ski areas and other major towns. Several independent operators have good affordable car rentals Vermont. Some websites offer deals combining hotel accommodation in Vermont with car rentals, flights, and even tickets to Vermont ski resorts.

Unless otherwise posted, the speed limit in Vermont is 50mph and 65mph on highways. Two interstate highways run through Vermont. I-91 runs north-south along the Connecticut River in the east of the state. I-89 branches from I-91 at White River Junction and runs diagonal across the state through Montpelier and Burlington and towards Canada. Vermont highways are generally well maintained, but many rural back roads are unpaved. Pay attention to maps and road signs—some of these roads are closed in winter months.

If you are traveling without a car, the Vermont transit bus lines are your best mode of transportation. Vermont transit bus lines service much of southern, central, and northern Vermont. Major Vermont transit bus routes run from Albany New York and Burlington to Manchester, Rutland, Bennington, Montpelier, and many other small towns in Vermont.

Amtrak has Vermont train service from New York through Hartford CT to Brattleboro, Montpelier, Essex Junction (near Burlington), St. Albans and several other Vermont train stations. There is also a regional Vermont train service from Burlington to surrounding towns and to Rutland.

For those looking for the most idyllic way to enter Vermont ferry is the answer. The Vermont ferry travels across Lake Champlain from upstate New York. A Vermont ferry ride from Port Kent, New York, takes about an hour and runs throughout the summer months.

Those with more time on their hands may want to come to Vermont and see the state on foot. The Appalachian Trail, which runs from Georgia to Maine, enters southern Vermont along the Green Mountains. In addition to the Appalachian Trail and the (in parts) contiguous Long Trail, Vermont has many miles of backcountry hiking paths. So if you are willing to walk you don’t need a Vermont car rental to explore Vermont.

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