Vermont Foliage Map

The Vermont foliage map is updated and available each year on several websites, where vacationers can view predictions of when the foliage will reach its peak in colors. The season generally begins around mid-September, reaching its peak during the first week of October.

Generally, the color change begins in late September, reaches a full spectrum of color in mid-October and hits the late season when foliage begins to turn brown in late October to early November. Additionally, the region of the state varies the season of foliage; central Vermont tends to reach peaks sooner than the outer regions of the state.

Hundreds of visitors flock to New England to experience that breathtaking view of reds, oranges, yellows, and browns beautifully strewn in splashes across the hillsides and valleys. The landscape of Vermont varies with low lying valleys, rolling hills, and high-rising Vermont mountains, all homes to a wide selection of trees, and the color changes usually begin in the higher elevations and altitudes of the Green Mountains, which are much cooler than the neighboring valleys, and as the weather shifts, the colors spread to the outer reaches of the low country, generally moving south from the northern regions of the state. While planning a visit with a Vermont foliage map to know where to find the finest colors may be an important element of an autumn vacation in this region, the autumn season also brings in an array of festivals in celebration of the foliage, which can be an attractive facet of experiencing the local culture and may complete the experience of a visit to the area. Additionally, it is imperative to stay up to date on current road and weather conditions to ensure a safe holiday.

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