Vermont Weddings

With lofty mountains, verdant valleys, and pristine lakes as a background, Vermont wedding photographers are truly spoilt. Planning a Vermont wedding is a great idea for couples who want their special day to take place against a picture-perfect backdrop. Weddings in Vermont can be organized quite easily, and there are many hotels and wedding planners who specialize in planning Vermont weddings. In addition to providing a memorable setting for your big day, Vermont weddings offer guests a chance to enjoy the varied fishing, hiking, and golfing activities in Green Mountain state. And after a Vermont wedding, you’ll be able to stay in one of the many beautiful Vermont inns or bed and breakfasts for a relaxing and memorable honeymoon.

Before your Vermont wedding ceremony, you need to get a marriage license. If either the bride or groom is a Vermont resident, you can go to the town clerk of the resident"s hometown. Out of state residents can get a license in any town clerks office in Vermont. Licenses for Vermont weddings cost $30.00, which includes a certified copy of the license. A Vermont marriage license cannot be issued through the mail, but there is no waiting period so you can have a Vermont wedding on the same day that you purchase the marriage license. Licenses are valid for 60 days after the date of issue. Brides or grooms who are between 16 and 18 years of age need to be accompanied to the town clerk’s office by a parent or guardian to sign an affidavit granting them permission to marry. Blood tests are not required before obtaining a Vermont wedding license.

Weddings in Vermont can be conducted by any judge, justice of the peace, or a member of the clergy recognized by the State of Vermont. Priests, ministers, or rabbis from other states can conduct Vermont weddings if a temporary certificate of authorization is obtained from the probate court in the district where the ceremony will be performed. State law does not require witnesses at weddings in Vermont.

Many hotels in Vermont offer wedding packages with discounts on rooms for your wedding guests. Some of the smaller Vermont hotels can be booked for the entire wedding party. Hotels usually have contacts for florists and Vermont wedding photographers and you are sometimes obliged to use companies affiliated with the hotel. If the hotel does not provide these services, you may want to consider using a wedding planner to choose Vermont wedding photographers and other services.

Whether you plan to have a large wedding or a small wedding, a ceremony in Vermont is sure to be both beautiful and memorable, and provide a great trip for both the couple and the guests.

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